Cars Troubles

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of car troubles. Actually, troubles with two cars, so Cars Troubles – plural on both. I’ve been driving a reliable old beater for years. Except somewhere over the last year it became slightly less reliable. Most recently the check engine light came on, and the code read as something expensive. So when my sister offered me a hand-me-down car I jumped at the chance. When we got it home it was a comedy of errors, check engine light but no good reason, brakes failed, then came back, and the mechanic couldn’t figure out why. Clutch needs to be replaced. I switched back to my reliable old beater. Yesterday that car died on the side of the road.* And so now I’ve switched back again to the hand-me-down car.

I hate cars. So why am I telling you all this?

Sometimes I worry that this blog is becoming too picturesque. It’s all adorable toddlers, perfect knitting, and snowy landscapes. But life isn’t like that. Sometimes a car breaks down in that snowy landscape. Sometimes that adorable toddler won’t sleep unless she’s literally on top of one of her parents. Even the knitting gets frogged occasionally. Nothing is perfect. Let’s all embrace the imperfections. Maybe I will be able to laugh about this car thing in a couple more weeks. Feel free to leave a comment about what’s gone off-rails around you recently. It helps to get things out in the open sometimes!

I knit the whole cuff of my most recent mittens with the dominant and recessive yarns backwards. Corrugated ribbing looks SO BAD this way that I’m considering doing it again just so I can take pictures. Sounds like a decent blog post, right?

*almost. I mean, I limped along in first gear to the daycare parking lot. But it was essentially dead. At least I didn’t have to push it the last 100 feet.


14 responses to “Cars Troubles

  1. I’m glad you and Windsor are ok. Things, like cars, always have a habit of breaking down at inconvenient times.
    Happy car shopping…. :) start looking now, even if you’re not quite ready!

    • Oh I’ve already started shopping, but I won’t be able to buy until next spring… Whatever I get I want it certified used – so when it breaks I can just take it back and make them fix it!

      On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 1:46 PM, Ramblings wrote:


  2. I know! Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that all the perfectly staged pictures and amusing stories you see from others are their “highlight reels” and their lives are just as full of cut-scenes and bloopers as your own. :-) That perfectly-composed shot of someone else’s kitchen (that is so different from your own hot mess of canisters and odds and ends that won’t fit in cabinets and unmatched serveware) might have taken ten shots to get right and all THEIR clutter might be shoved just beyond the frame of the picture! I like the idea of sharing “real” moments along with the perfect ones. :-) (And let’s be honest – one of the best parts of following the Yarn Harlot’s blog is hearing about her mistakes – it gives the rest of us hope. Share away!)

    • Oh I can promise you that my kitchen has clutter just off-screen. In fact, it often is there in the background. I like the blurry effect my good camera creates. Blurry canisters are much less distracting!

      On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 2:05 PM, Ramblings wrote:


  3. Personally, we recently had a “surprise” holiday guest – the weekend before Christmas! – and we had to literally race up to our guest room and throw all the clutter into the blessedly empty Christmas-decor totes and shove them under the eaves. The “after” pic of the room looked fantastic, but I made sure to document the “before” as well. :-)

  4. I hear you on the car troubles! In the last year I’ve been in an accident (not my fault), had one cars transmission go while driving – it was in drive by went backwards when you put your foot on the gas, and then I was driving my moms car when it’s fuel pump died and I got stuck sitting on a bridge of a highway.

    I think the craziest car thing though was my mom and I took a trip to Webs and as we were turning onto the street the shop is on, we hit a pothole and one of my breaks snapped off the car. We had to limp all the way back to NH leaking break fluid and with 3 breaks. Fun times! And did I mention that none of the cars were newer than 1997? Yeah, we drive old ones in my family.

    But don’t feel bad about the scenic posts. It’s a wonderful privilege to be able to see your life through your pictures (and Vermont is very pretty).

  5. I have to admit the first thing that came into my head when you mentioned picturesque snowy landscapes was Danny Kaye saying “Vermont must be beautiful this time of year… all that snow…” I’m so sorry you’ve had so much car trouble, and I hope the hand-me-down rallies and lasts you through until spring! The thing that never gets shown on my blog is my HUGE mound of UFOs and the epic disaster that is my disorganised bedroom….

    • Oh my craft room is my epic disaster. I know wips stuffed in corners is common for all of us. But that room has also become the place we stash furniture that’s not baby proof and toys she has outgrown… We need a house with either a basement or an attic…

  6. Ugh. Nothing worse than car trouble…except perhaps a toothache. I live way out in the country in Prince Edward County, Ontario and I dread breaking down out there in the whiteness somewhere :(

  7. Ha, ha, I’m reading this post while listening to classic Car Talk on VPR! I feel your automotive pains – my beloved 2002 subie died just a few weeks before Christmas. The timing belt went on it, taking some valves with it and leaving me stranded inconveniently on 17 just outside Bristol, VT – I couldn’t even pull it off to the side (miraculously I made it all the way over the App Gap – that would have been a real nightmare)! Thank goodness for the young guy with the truck and ropes who kindly pulled me into the Shaw’s parking lot so I wasn’t blocking up traffic anymore.
    I debated putting a bunch of money in to fix the old one, but made the (according to my mom) wiser decision to put the money towards a slightly younger, much-better-running, new-to-me subie in a matter of days. My bank account hates me, but dang if that 2007 doesn’t run like a dream!
    On the upside, I’m in the midst of planning the fair-isle style pattern for a hat to go with a classic Patagonia fleece that a friend scored recently (one of those great late 80s/early 90s colorfully-patterned ones). So there’s that.

    • Oh dear, another old Subie goes to the great junk yard in the sky… I’m always amazed at how many of them are still on the roads around here!

      Your hat sounds like much more fun than cars. I think we should focus on that!

      On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 10:57 AM, Ramblings wrote:


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