Beanstalk jeans

One thing about this baby is she’s keeping me busy! And sometimes that means even too busy to blog. Which means I never showed you the finished beanstalk britches I made!

They turned out perfectly, but very nearly didn’t turn out at all. I reclaimed denim from a pair of old jeans. And in the first steps I managed to cut out 3 right back pieces… I didn’t have enough denim in a matching color to try again. Or at least I didn’t until Neil sacrificed a too small, but otherwise perfectly good, pair of pants.

The brilliance of this pattern is the series of snaps in the waistband combined with the turned up cuffs. This pair is size 6-24 months. With any luck my stitching will hold up that long!

The one thing I might try to modify for next time is the length of the pocket gussets. The reinforced spot is just above the crotch and there’s about an inch of vertical length where you can see the fabric is a bit tight even though the waistband is a good size. I think if the “pockets” were just a bit longer there’d be more flex there. Which would be good since she’s much more mobile now than when I took these (back in November. Oops)


6 responses to “Beanstalk jeans

  1. Amazing!! Is there anything you don’t know how to do? Those pants are so cute. As is Windsor, of course! :)

    • My mom taught me to sew in third grade because I wanted to learn to knit and she didn’t know how! I think having a sewing background helps with designing because I understand how the shapes of garments work in woven fabric.

  2. Beautiful trousers and baby :)

  3. So cute! I love the fabric you picked to go with the denim!

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