January is the dark gray heart of winter. If nothing else it’s a great time for knitting, so here’s what is on my needles. Actually, these are just the active projects that live downstairs, next to the couch. And/or that travel with me to work. There are a couple of things hibernating in the craft room which aren’t too far gone. Hopefully we’ll visit some of them soon!

Ok, sorry for the sidetrack. First off, we have my naknimitmo mittens:


Two color cuffs and hands with a lined cuff. These are in the ridiculously soft Yellowstone yarn from my distributor, Stitch Sprouts. The first mitten is done now, and I’ve just cast on for the second.

Three color socks. You may remember these are mom’s Christmas gift. Possibly they’ll be a mother’s day gift… We’ll see how they progress!


I swear gussets take FOREVER. I think it’s a mental block. I want them to go quickly, like the other parts of the heel. But the gusset is actually all those extra heel stitches PLUS all those foot stitches. By the time you’re finished with the gusset you’re half way done with the foot. I know this conceptually, but they still feel like they’re taking FOREVER.

And I’m balancing all that stranded color work with some stripes and cables in this Camden sweater. It just needs a second sleeve, and a hood!



2 responses to “WIPs

  1. Those red and white fair isle socks are bee-yoo-ti-full! I hope I spelled that correctly :-). Making unique patterns in socks is lots of fun, probably one of my favorite knitting activities. Anna

    • Thank you, these socks are amazing! I can’t claim the pattern myself though, it’s the Bark Cloth socks by Sonja Launspach.

      On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 8:27 PM, Ramblings wrote:


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