Free Pattern February

I’ve been wanting to do something fabulous for my knitters for quite awhile. I know I’m not releasing as many patterns as I used to. I feel like I’m in a rut and I need something awesome to jump-start my year.*

lime sorbet preview

What’s more awesome than free stuff? Right? So here’s my concept. I’m going to give away a free PDF every day this month. That’s 28 freebies for 28 lucky knitters. Here’s how to enter:

Just head over to Ravelry and favorite or queue any of my for sale patterns.

That’s it! Every day I will use a random number generator to pick one lucky winner and I will send them the PDF for the pattern they chose.

Lady of Rohan preview

Ok, so there are some details:
– I will count entries from 12:00am to 11:59pm as they’re sorted in the activity tab. I think that’s eastern time.
– I can only give away single patterns I’m selling through Ravelry myself. That’s these ones here. None of the patterns through third party publishers like Twist Collective or Cooperative Press count.
– Favoriting or queuing a free pattern doesn’t count as an entry, because I wouldn’t know what to gift you. You can still favorite or queue them, if you want!
– I will keep track of who wins each day. I want to spread the love around so everyone can only win once. You don’t have to stop favoriting and queuing things though, if you’re lucky enough to get pulled again I’ll just generate a new number for that day.

U2 socks preview

FAQ’s (not that anyone’s asked yet)
– Yes, you need a ravelry account to participate. But it’s free to sign up, if you haven’t yet. And you should, because favorites and queues are an awesome way to organize the patterns you want to knit!
– You can re-favorite or re-queue things. If you already have all my patterns on your list that doesn’t disqualify you. Feel free to un-favorite them and then re-favorite them. If you favorite AND queue something in a single day you’ll be entered twice. If you favorite and queue EVERYTHING I have every day that’s 90 entries a day.
If you do this, I’ll know two things: A) you really love me and B) you have some free time on your hands (and maybe you should go knit something instead.)
– I reserve the right to have a life. What I mean is I might not get around to sending a freebie for a day or two, but I will go back through the activity feed and pick winners for each day.

Any other questions? Leave them in the comments.

morningtide preview

Are you ready for February?? I’m getting excited! Please spread the word! Tell family and friends! (But probably only other knitters will care.)

*Yes, I’m still thinking this way and January is almost over. I haven’t written the annual family “christmas” letter either…

9 responses to “Free Pattern February

  1. Do we need to re-favourite each day or is once at the beginning sufficient?

  2. Definitely just went in and marked all my faves and queued everything up, so every day I can go in and re-do. :-) I LOVE your designs – I absolutely can’t wait for your book to come out…

  3. !!!!!!!!! And I just realized that Morningtide might be the answer to a yarn duo I’ve had hanging around! I bought some Malabrigo sock in two colors for a project and it didn’t look good (in that particular project), and I’ve been trying to find a project to use them in – and I think they would look GREAT in Morningtide!

  4. I keep forgetting to do this! I think I’ve only remembered one day so far!

  5. Whew! Just shared with all my knitter friends and on FB, too – your patterns are always so well-written and easy to follow, I hope LOTS of people get to see them!

  6. Wow! So excited I about the “Frost Aster” sock pattern I won!!! I’ve never won anything, so this makes it even more special. Can’t wait to knit them! Thanks So much.

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