I’ve teased you more than a couple of times over the last year (or two. Dear Lord I’ve been working on this book a long time…) But this thing is really happening. The patterns are edited, the recipes tested, the text is written, and this baby is headed to layout.

berry cuffs and cocoa

Oh, and I have permission to share a few sneak peaks. This purple sweater is just perfect for a blustery February morning, don’t you think? Let see, what would you like to go with that? How about some blueberry crumble?


Yep, that’ll hit the spot. I’m pretty sure I actually have local blueberries in the back of my freezer. Which is perfect since Calley whipped up this recipe to take advantage of frozen fruits so we could have something local in the cold time of year. Back to the sweater I have to say this was hands-down one of my favorites in the whole book. I’ve been wearing the sample pretty much since we finished that photo shoot. I’m gonna have to knit a second for book tours. Or maybe just bring this one along and show how well the super-wash yarn holds up to CONSTANT use. (That’s not actually a bad idea. Periwinkle Sheep dyes some awesome yarn)

In case you’ve forgotten that’s what our book is all about: Calley and I focus on local ingredients and American made yarns throughout the seasons. Each chapter features a new month and each month has a pattern or two and a recipe or three. We’ve paired fresh summer dishes with simple summer garments while cozy fall sweaters rub elbows with hearty baked goods.

full view walking Pasta-Ingredients

Crust rolling pin apple hood up back

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to proof read the final draft of anything. Want to know the best way to learn when the book is available to order? Of course you do! Sign up for the Cooperative Press newsletter. You can sign up for mine as well, I don’t send e-mails very often, and that way you’ll never miss a pattern release.

Calais 08

Once the book is available I’m planning some seasonal knit-alongs and some cook-alongs to go with!

13 responses to “bookBOOKbook

  1. I remember(I test knit the hat in the last picture a while back) and have wondered where you were in the writing process. It can’t be easy to finish this project now with a cute baby thrown into the mix.

  2. Congrats on getting the book out! I remember doing the hooded shawl for you. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. Wow, that is a great idea! A knitting book and a cookbook in one. Genuis

  4. Can’t wait to see the finished thing! I’m sure you are super excited!!

  5. Congratulations! What a brilliant idea. I shall watch for it!

  6. Hi Becky — I’m in Germany until Feb.10. Dyeing will resume on Feb. 12. Etsy shop is on vacation right now.
    Congrats on the book!!!!!!

  7. I love the cuff detail on the purple sweater! I know how excited *I* am about the book – I can’t IMAGINE how much anticipation and excitement YOU’RE feeling!

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