phone photography

It’s pretty cool living in the future. Have you noticed? Suddenly I get alerts on my phone when packages are delivered to my doorstep – all that in spite of living in a part of the world that still doesn’t have cable…

But the thing that strikes me constantly is the power in these “phones” we’re all carrying around. The camera alone has more photography tricks than the digital camera I used to shoot the pictures for Kingdom. I wish that were an exaggeration, but it was kinda an old camera when I took these pictures.

blue castle virtical

As I’ve slowly learned to utilize my phone camera to the fullest capacity I’ve had to pull out the DSLR less often. And I’m fine with that. It’s still the best camera for design photo shoots, and I bring it any time I think we’ll appreciate it (birthday parties, sightseeing). But for Ravelry project updates?


Night time yarn documentation?


That time Windsor put a scarf on all by herself and she was so proud?



I learned a LOT of tricks at Gale Zucker’s phone photography class during my retreat last month. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with her – don’t hesitate! She’s an excellent teacher. It was in her class that I got really comfortable using fun things like photo mats and frames. I’m honestly amazed at how clean and pretty that after-dark shot of the gradience yarn is. It may look like just another yarn photo. But if you’ve ever tried to get nice lighting, and color correct pictures after 4:30 in January, you know how impossible it can be. Those editing tricks are from her class as well.

And I promise not to add inappropriate lens flare to all my photos.


(Maybe to some, but I promise not all of them…)


2 responses to “phone photography

  1. Yep! I use my phone for most pictures since it’s such a hassle transferring the photos from the Panasonic to the ‘puter. And my next phone will probably have a camera that’s nicer than the Panasone!

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