I have a problem with my needle collection – it’s getting old. Old might not be a problem for metal needles, but I have a lot of wood needles in my stash and they start to splinter and split after years of use. So I was really excited when the awesome folks at Knitter’s Pride offered me a test set of Karbonz.


Nothing like a set of interchangables to revitalize an aging collection of tools. Now, I like quality knitting tools (I own more than one set of signatures) and I’m not a huge fan of aluminum needles (true fact: they bend as I use them. Maybe I should learn to relax?) These Karbonz needles feel like quality right when you take them out of the case.

karbonz set

That’s probably because they’re made of carbon fiber, the same stuff they make high tech vehicles from! This makes them very strong, and the metal tips mean the fibers won’t split with use (like my wood ones did) The carbon fiber isn’t quite as smooth as metal, but it’s much smoother than wood. So these needles are in the middle for grippiness. How do they perform?


Really well, actually. I’ve knit two baby sweaters using these shiny new needles (note to self, take FO photos) and they’re comfortable in my grip, the yarn slides perfectly, and the stitches are even. I can feel the point where the metal meets the fiber with my finger, but I never had a stitch snag or a slow down as they slid over the joins. The point where the cable meets the needle is strong too. I don’t usually do magic loop because I’ve ruined more than one circular by cracking that join. But in the interest of SCIENCE! I knit both these little sweaters in the round bending and twisting the cable:


And it held up to my abuse beautifully. Really, the only point that showed any wear at all is the printed size number on the side of the needle. While that is obviously just about gone after just two projects each needle is also imprinted with the size on the metal end.

karbonz worn numbers

So even when the white lettering is gone I’ll still be able to tell what size needle I’m looking at. I do own stitch gauges, but they’re always going on walk-about. So it’s nice not to have to hunt one down…

Overall, I love these new needles. I’m a DPN girl when working little baby sleeves or socks. But for hats, sweaters, skirts, etc… I love working in the round. And these needles will make so many projects easier and faster. I’m excited to finish up the collar on this little red sweater and find something to cast on next!

(Please note that I did receive these needles free for review purposes. However my opinions are my own, I won’t review something I don’t truly enjoy and think that you will like.)


12 responses to “Karbonz

  1. I love my Karbonz. Happy for you that you got to try them!!

  2. I’m a long-time Addi girl here, but maybe I ought to try the Karbonz!

    • If you love addis you could also try knitter’s pride platina which are metal. Unless you’re looking for a more textured needle in which case carbon fiber might be perfect!

  3. Thanks for the review, Becky! I tend to use wood or bamboo needles, but I wear them out – maybe I’ll look into the Karbonz next time I need to replace something.

    • I’m kinda glad to hear I’m not the only one who wears out needles. No one seems to talk about it and I was starting to worry that it was just me…

      On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 5:54 PM, Ramblings wrote:


      • Definitely not just you! They warp with the heat of my hands or weight of the project, and the ends get rough with bits rubbed right off of them after while. (Or the kids I nanny pretend they’re swords and break them… but that’s probably not the fault of the needles!)

        • I’ve had good luck gently sanding the tips of wooden needles, then rubbing them with a little wax. It doesn’t fix them permanently but smooths over the rough patches for a while. But I think carbon fiber could be a better long term solution!

  4. Thanks, Becky, for the reply. I knew nothing about the knitter’s pride platina (going now to check it out). I’m assuming the carbon fiber, being more textured, may slow my knitting speed down. I also don’t have a problem with a needle being “too” slippery.

  5. I’ve changed over to Karbonz for my sock knitting as I found myself gripping yarn too hard. The Karbonz are the right amount of grippy and slippy. Glad you’ve found them to be comfortably to knit with.

  6. I bought a set and one size the tip was rough getting caught on yarn emailed knitters pride told me to go to seller for a replacement..thats real customer satisfaction for u..not happy

    • I’m sorry you got a set with a defect. I’m not affiliated with Knitter’s Pride so I don’t know what their arrangement is with their distributors. I hope when you went back to the store where you bought them that they were able to help.

  7. Thank you….I am still searching for the needle that works for me. I an new at knitting and find the aluminum too slippery and the straight needles unwieldy. I paid a lot of money for an interchangeable and the tip fell out of the metal. :-[ After reading this I spoke with the company and my tip is in the mail, no questions asked. but I ramble, I just wanted to thank you for this review.

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