A yarny miracle

I’m all lined up to knit another little baby sweater. I’d picked the pattern first (anders) and I knew I wanted to maintain the fine detail- which meant I wanted a sport weight yarn. But it turns out I have very few machine washable sport weight options in my stash.

Any excuse to buy more yarn, right?

I poked around on Webs and settled on Mrs. Crosby’s Satchel. It’s a lovely machine washable merino single which will be perfectly soft and fancy enough for the sweater I knew I wanted to knit. I picked four colors and went to check out.

And then I was faced with an internal dilemma. I seriously considered paying for overnight shipping. We’re driving for Easter and I thought how nice it’d be to work on my new sweater project in the car. But I’m also a cheapskate and couldn’t justify anything beyond first class mail. It’s not like I have nothing else to knit while I wait.

So imagine my surprise when the yarn arrived on my doorstep 22 hours after I ordered it.


Sometimes the universe rewards my thriftiness. And apparently Webs not only packs fast but made a shipping label error in my favor. But even 2 day shipping arriving overnight is pretty cool!


The brown and cream are all wound up and ready to go. The gold and berry I think will be next. I’m a little enthralled by the idea of using all four in a toddler sweater…


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