Silverspun yarn

I got a skein of SilverSpun yarn from the Feel Good Yarn Company a couple of weeks ago. I love the concept behind this company – yarn sustainably made and spun here in the US. Sounds like my kind of thing, right? Well there’s a twist* This is a cotton yarn, no wool at all.

feel good baby sweater

And you know me, I love my wool. So I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try this yarn. But they said the yarn is like wool. Bouncy, but not too stretchy, cushy, and with the silver it’s supposed to be a bit antimicrobial too. So I figured I’d give it a test drive.

The people behind SilverSpun actually recommend this for socks. But since I don’t knit a lot of socks these days I decided to knit up a Wee Cria. This brilliant little sweater is designed by Ysolda, and she highly recommends a yarn with the bounce of a wool. Seems like a good test, right?

feel good baby yoke

So what do I think? So far I’m very impressed! In the skein this yarn feels like Green Mountain Spinnary’s Cotton comfort – an 80% wool 20% cotton blend. I hand-wound it into a ball. In the ball it does feel a bit dense, more like a cotton yarn. But once knit up it’s back to cushy and soft.

The yarn handles the modular construction of this wee sweater very well. The garter stitch doesn’t seem to stretch out of shape, and the button holes don’t seem to gape or grow. The yarn is a bit splitty as you knit with it, but not to the point where it slows down my knitting. I just have to pay attention when doing something like picking up stitches along the edge.

feel good baby WIP

I tried to unwind the yarn to see how many plies it contained, and it doesn’t unwind like a stranded yarn. This made me think maybe it was chain plied? But as I picked at it more that didn’t make sense either. I have to admit I don’t actually know exactly what the construction here is. I think it may be either chain plied or two strands twisted – but in either case they’re bound together with a silver thread.

feel good yarn

One thing this yarn isn’t? It’s not that weirdly bouncy cotton yarn that is so stretchy you can’t see the stitches once you’ve knit with it (no offense Cascade Fixation, but I have two skeins of that upstairs that I don’t know how to knit with…)

I would definitely recommend this yarn if you’re looking for the bounce of wool, but don’t want to use wool. Whether for allergies, or for ease of care, or if you’re just knitting something for the summer and want a light, non-wool option. SilverSpun is a great choice. I haven’t quite finished this little sweater yet (it’s a gift for a friend) but I’ll let you know how it turns out.

*haha, a yarn with twist, get it?

(Please note that I did receive this skein free for review purposes. However my opinions are my own, I won’t review something I don’t truly enjoy and think that you will like.)

5 responses to “Silverspun yarn

  1. So pretty! Reminds me why I love garter stitch so very much!

  2. I have been hearing about this lately but since I don’t usually like knitting with cotton I decided not to order any.
    ps. did you prewash the yarn? I heard from some people that the undyed cotton yarn shrinks quite a bit on washing.

    • I don’t usually knit with cotton and would totally knit with this again sometime. I didn’t pre–wash the skein. I’m knitting a baby sweater so I’m not too worried about size. If it shrinks a little it will fit the kid sooner, rather than later :-)

      I think for an adult garment I’d probably pre-wash my gauge swatch and the remember the difference in any “knit to X inches” parts of the pattern. But that’s because the idea of washing a skein scares me. I worry it’d tangle.

      On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 1:23 PM, Ramblings wrote:


  3. I’ve been to the mill at NC State, the fingering weight is a 2ply that’s plied with the silver. The cotton is ring spun into singles first, which is what makes it so soft. The cardigan looks great!

    • Very interesting! Must be that the cotton is two-plied on itself, and then plied in the opposite direction with the silver. That would give it a structure that doesn’t easily untwist in either direction. Which is what I was attempting to do to it.

      On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 12:24 PM, Ramblings wrote:


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