More Snippets

I like to keep in touch with my designs once they’ve been released, each takes on a life of it’s own and I love to see how knitters interpret the pattern with their own yarn, ideas, and modifications.

My Snippet Scarf has really taken off (in spite of being a very simple pattern) And this is why I chose it as the first pattern to be re-released in my new layout!

Snippet preview

It’s a free download, so please check it out. All my forthcoming indie designs will use this layout. And as I have time I might go back and reformat some of the old ones (you know how much “free time” I have these days.)

I should not be surprised it’s such a favorite for so many knitters. I knew it was an addictive pattern because I knit two of them – and I rarely ever re-knit a pattern! Some lovely knitters out there have far surpassed me, knitting 4, 6, or more of these cozy scrap-busters. I wanted to take a chance to show you a few:

This is Lori’s 5th snippet scarf – her Scraps o’ yarn #5 project on Ravelry. She made it a bit shorter than the pattern calls for, because variety is good.

Ibeckste's scarf

TJ actually knit this scarf first, then found my pattern – but I don’t mind. Her gorgeously coordinated yarns came in a scrap bag. Which is a great way to knit up this scarf without having to worry about colors and fiber types.

TJ's scarf

Finally Laura knit her Tropical Punch scarf out of handspun! I love handspun yarns, they’re such a special treat to work with.

Laura's scarf

The simple garter stitch and loooong rows in Snippet mean that it handles colorful handspun yarn or those brightly multicolored yarns easily. No pooling and the colors blend happily. I used my very first handspun – all knobby, over twisted, and uneven – in my first Snippet scarf. I think this design would also be perfect to feature those more unique handspun yarns with beehives, slubs, and even art yarns with flowers or googly eyes spun into them…

What would your Snippet look like?


3 responses to “More Snippets

  1. Thanks for featuring my Snippet Scarf. I am addicted to your pattern…it’s such a great way to use up yarn scraps. Having made several, I can truly say it almost doesn’t matter at all what colours or what yarns you put together…it looks great. These make great gifts, too. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!

  2. I love all of these! So different, so full of awesomeness. :)

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