Access denied

Why does this chicken look so cranky?


Because access to her favorite hang-out has been revoked. We had a new porch built last fall (but I should note: not sided or roofed…) And ever since the decking has been the chickens’ favorite spot to stand around. And poop.

We finally got the siding hung up this weekend! And then we made a gate.


And the day after the poor birds spent a surprising amount of time standing on the stoop, looking confused.

They’re free range birds. The could go literally anywhere else. I refuse to feel badly for not letting them poop on the porch.

4 responses to “Access denied

  1. Oh I hear you! Mine are free range too and they love nestling up against the house and poohing on the concrete. Oh how I wish I could gate them off. 😀 They have such a huge area to wander in but the house has people in it that might give treats.

    • That’s probably why they like our porch too. Although I’m very careful to feed them in the yard by their coop. They still come running when they see me, in case there are treats.

      On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 2:42 PM, Ramblings wrote:


  2. This is HYSTERICAL. I just keep picturing bewildered chickens milling around.

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