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When I have time

When I have time to knit, these days, little things are often best. Finishing something up quickly feels like progress even when it really was just a couple of rows per evening.

The toddler socks were finished at knitting camp this summer.


I ended up using leftovers from three different skeins of yarn. Once again I’m left thinking there’s no good way to keep socks on this child’s feet. These are not too tight in the leg, the instep (which I knit higher than usual) or the foot. Yet somehow they slip down any time she’s wearing them. She has very chunky feet, I might just have to wait a few years…

As if those weren’t speedy enough, I knit a coffee cup cozy next.


And I’m wondering what would happen if EVERYONE got one for Christmas this year. So quick, and so satisfying.

WIP: Meristem

That’s not a typo- I actually have another meristem vest in progress right now just for me! The sample I knit for Twist is a 34″. Which isn’t a great look, since I really think this garment needs a hint of positive ease, see what I mean?

meristem me

So I’m knitting another one for me. And I’m making some changes (don’t look so shocked.) first, the yoke is knit in two colors, with the cables in some handspun from the deep stash.


That coral/pink/sherbert is my handspun, the other yarns are cascade 220 sport (gray/brown) and Elisabeth Lavold silky wool (dusty rose). Both are functionally sport weight yarns, which tells you my second change: gauge. If you want to know all the tricks for working this chart in two colors please check out my Ravelry notes. The process is a bit complex…

Cabled yoke for my very own meristem vest!

But once I got past that yoke the garment has been smooth sailing. I’m knitting the 40″ size and hoping the vest will be around 38″ because of the difference in gauge. Will my plan work out? Will I have enough yardage?? Stay tuned…

Meet Meristem

My latest pattern was published yesterday in the 7th anniversary edition of Twist Collective. Meristem is a tunic length vest designed with casual elegance in mind. It is a simple, cozy garment perfect for the transition to autumnal weather. The front yoke features a slipped branching cable pattern. You can favorite and queue Meristem on Ravelry. You can also see more pattern details, over at Twist Collective.

(thanks to Crissy Jarvis for the lovely photos!)

The yoke of the vest is knit sideways, with stitches picked up along the bottom edges and knit down for the body. The cables look simple enough, but I went through more than a few swatches to get them figured out! The cable over garter stitch looked so good in my submission swatch, I was sure that with the stitch definition of Valley DK it’d be a breeze. But once I had the yarn in hand I couldn’t get the cables to stand out the way I expected in my first swatch. So I tried twisted stitches (looked lumpy). I slipped the cables on the WS rows (too elongated). I was preparing myself for an awkward email to the editor saying the chosen yarn wouldn’t work – then I tried one more thing. I blocked my swatches.

And you know what? That made the initial swatch (from my very first try) look gorgeous. Lesson relearned yet again. Always block your swatch.

Like many (most) knitters out there I remember when the first issue of Twist was unveiled. I remember because there was nothing else like it at the time. And it was gorgeous. I’ve been lucky to work with Twist on several other occasions (Verbena, Trefoil, and Cambridge Cables) and every time I have loved the experience.

The Twist Collective team includes wonderful photographers, brilliant technical editors, and people behind the scenes making all those pretty PDFs and magazine pages. I hope you’ll take a moment to click through a few ads and support the people who support Twist. And of course please buy a pattern or two ;-)