I’m thrilled to announce that my book will be published later this month!*

Cast Iron, Cast On: cooking and knitting through the seasons is a collaboration between myself and Calley Hastings of Fat Toad Farm. It’s a unique format- the book is arranged as a monthly almanac with seasonally appropriate patterns (by me) and recipes (by Calley) for every month of the year.

We’re expecting to have the first print copies available at Rhinebeck. If you’re there please stop by the Cooperative Press booth on Saturday to see the book and the book samples! I will also be helping out in the booth for part of the day so if you see me too – say HI!

If you won’t be at Rhinebeck keep an eye here, on my newsletter, or on Ravelry. I’ll be flooding the airwaves once it’s available! Ebooks and physical books should be available later this month. Links to websites where you can buy the physical copy will be up as soon as I have them. Better yet – ask your local yarn store to order directly from Cooperative Press!

Starting in November I will be hosting knit-alongs for the patterns from each month. There will be prizes, chatting, pattern assistance (when needed), and delicious recipes to follow as well. Drop on by my Ravelry group for more details about the first one which starts in a little more than 3 weeks – plenty of time to get your yarn all lined up!

*If you’ve been watching the patterns pop up on Ravelry, you knew this was coming!


4 responses to “Incoming!


    Becky- Can I use an image from the book to help promote & sell my yarn? I’d put it in the etsy shop. Karin


  2. Awesome. I love the title/concept. Right up my alley!

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