Little things

I’ve been knitting some more quick, simple pieces while my life is full of craziness. I finished up a pair of slippers for Windsor:

No pattern and they’re not perfect, so even though I kept notes I won’t be publishing one. The ankles are too big around. But I wove an elastic through them and now she can get them on and off by herself. So we’re calling that an intentional part of the project.

Then I knit her some fingerless mitts. I always thought these were silly for toddlers. But she steals mine, and wears her full mittens around in the house. So then I changed my mind:

And she loved them so much she didn’t take them off for 36 hours straight. Then she did take them off, somewhere at daycare. And now we only have one left. This is the thing about knitting for toddlers…

I’m traveling next week, so I’ve got a couple of bigger projects on deck. One new design and one old sweater that I keep wishing I could wear right now. Also coming on the plane ride will be Yet. Another. Pair. of toddler mittens. And maybe something for Neil, if I have the time.

How much knitting do you think I can do in a week if I sleep the same amount I have been, and don’t have a toddler to take care of for 5 days straight?


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