GAL Ideas

This is the third year for the Indie Designers Gift-Along – I’m quite good at keeping track because it’s also the THIRD holiday season I’ve been a mom. Yup, I didn’t participate the first year because I was busy nursing a six week old. Last year I had barely any knitting time since my one year old wasn’t sleeping in her own room yet, and I stuck to knitting accessories and quick gifts.

This year my knitting time is starting to rebound! But I’m still knitting small things: toddler mittens, cowls, boot toppers. I have a list, but the projects on it are still nothing big. So for this post I want to dream about the big things that I WISH I was making! Remember, all these patterns are 25% off until the end of today!

Like Carol Sunday’s Milkweed Capelet


I almost linked Shakespeare in Love again, but seriously – I know I featured it last year too… Carol’s designs are gorgeous, sculptural things. And I so SO wish I had time to knit one of them this year.

Want more cables? What about Julia Trice’s Elia?


I love that neckline! Julia has used it on a couple of sweaters and someday I WILL knit one!

If lace is more your thing, I’m also in love with the neckline on Ruth’s Echoes of Winter pullover:


That’s another style that I’m dying to try…

If this seems like too many sweaters I’m also eyeing Alicia Plummer’s 11pm cowl (scarf, thingy)



Clearly I’m on a sculptural cables kick today, huh?

If you’re waiting for some colorwork, I’ve loved the Wild Flower caplet by Jennifer Thompson since the day it was published:


So much gorgeous knitting, so little time. Please stop by the Gift Along group sometime before the end of the year! We’re getting a lot of knitting done, and having a lot of fun doing it!


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