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Back in 2008 the Yarn Harlot issued a challenge: could knitters everywhere try and get heads of state to hold a sock?

“Perhaps its because I think that politics sometimes does more harm that good in the world,or perhaps it is that the image of a person out to promote their own purposes being asked to momentarily have to serve ours – frankly, just charming. Perhaps it is simply the juxtaposition of a candidate for Head of State holding a sock is just so wholesome, that I am amused to no end. Perhaps it is simply that there is a part of me that really enjoys seeing powerful people befuddled and confused by a handknit….”


Note that this is not a new photo. At the time of the last election I didn’t get near any candidates. But I did happen to find myself flying economy one row in front of my state congressman, Bernie Sanders. So I asked him to hold my sock (I mean, I was on a plane, of course I happened to be knitting socks)

He was very gracious and seemed fairly comfortable holding a half knit sock. I don’t know if he, or anyone in his family, knits. But we do live in Vermont where it gets quite cold, so we have a lot of knitters…

Tomorrow is primary day in Vermont and I’ll be going down to the town hall to vote for Bernie. But I’m also going to keep Stephanie’s point in mind and make a donation to charity. Because politics can get ugly, but if we all think about how to serve others I think we can counteract that. I hope that’s something we can all agree is worthwhile.

Saccharum knit along

I’m launching another book knit-along next month! March will feature the vest from the same chapter, Saccharum.


This vest includes leafy trim on the front edges, simple waist shaping, a deep V neck, and most of all: the trees


This vest is worked up in Imperial Yarns Columbia base. It’s a lovely, single farm yarn with plenty of bounce and spring to make cables pop.

If you’re looking at substitutes I recommend another bouncy wool in a heavy worsted or aran weight. March is still cold, after all. So this vest is meant to be knit up thick and warm!

Please consider joining in the KAL over on Ravelry where I’m happy to talk about vest modifications, yarn substitutes, and there will be some prizes too!


Life rolls on and things are crazy. If you’re following along on twitter or instagram you know I spent the long weekend painting my breakfast nook, kitchen, and bathroom. That also meant driving to Nana’s and back twice in four days (6 hours round trip each time) so Windsor didn’t end up covered in primer.

That’s my really rambling way of saying I have more knitting time than blogging time these days.

The leafy top is done, but not blocked. In fact it is still riding around in the bottom of my knitting bag. But a new project has been thrown in on top:


Pretty right? I’m mixing leftover Sunday Knits yarn with a 60% angora farm yarn that has resurfaced from deep stash. It’s all very soft and I love it.


Meet roam

I’m so very glad I dug this project out of deep hibernation and finished it. Roam is a lovely sweater dress. It is cozy and warm. Well designed with good shaping and supportive ribbing on all the hems.

roam tunic

My yarn is Bartlett in their heathered green Bracken colorway. It’s not the softest yarn but the crimp of the fibers makes the cables pop and helps the dress hold shape. These photos are from the end of the day and the only evidence are those creases in the front that show maybe I was sitting still too much that day.

roam tunic

In the end I don’t have many visible mods. Mainly the ribbing at the bottom hem is longer than the pattern calls for. When I cast on in 2012 I thought I was making a vest, and I un-modded those mods by adding ribbing at the bottom hem to make it tunic length again after all. In the process I decided to carry the braided cables down into the hem for visual interest.

roam tunic

I worked garter ribbing instead of standard 2×2 ribbing throughout because I wanted more drape in the cowl and hem. That 2×2 would be plenty soft in the alpaca yarn the pattern calls for, so this mod is based on the yarn I chose.

roam tunic

I now have three hand knit tunics plus one store bought sweater dress. I love them all and I find myself wondering if I can knit one more before the end of winter. Then I could live in them all week long!

roam tunic

and for my next trick

I’ve finished up the Roam tunic. It’s blocking and looks gorgeous. But I won’t be able to get good (read: daylight) FO photos until next weekend.

In the mean time I’ve cast on for ANOTHER garment. I have this delusional idea that I can finish one in February as well. It’s pretty delusional since I only managed to finish that tunic in January because it was 2/3rds done when I picked it up. But a girl can dream.


That seed stitch trim was a SLOG. I’m so slow knitting that texture. But it’s worthwhile. It’s so stretchy and neutral and lays flat (so well behaved). Now that I’m past it I’m so glad I made that choice.

This will be a lacy layering piece. I’m hoping for overlapping fronts with a chunky button at the underbust, a loose flow to the body of the garment, and a fitted round yoke with cap sleeves. But since I’m making this up literally as I go we’ll see how it works out. I’m taking good notes, so if I love it maybe I’ll get it published! Maybe. I mean, I have two or three designs done and photographed but I just haven’t found time to write them up. The computer time interferes with the knitting time these days. And apparently I’m prioritizing the knitting. Don’t worry, there are a couple of things coming out in 2016 – but I might be a “quarterly release” designer for a while here.