and for my next trick

I’ve finished up the Roam tunic. It’s blocking and looks gorgeous. But I won’t be able to get good (read: daylight) FO photos until next weekend.

In the mean time I’ve cast on for ANOTHER garment. I have this delusional idea that I can finish one in February as well. It’s pretty delusional since I only managed to finish that tunic in January because it was 2/3rds done when I picked it up. But a girl can dream.


That seed stitch trim was a SLOG. I’m so slow knitting that texture. But it’s worthwhile. It’s so stretchy and neutral and lays flat (so well behaved). Now that I’m past it I’m so glad I made that choice.

This will be a lacy layering piece. I’m hoping for overlapping fronts with a chunky button at the underbust, a loose flow to the body of the garment, and a fitted round yoke with cap sleeves. But since I’m making this up literally as I go we’ll see how it works out. I’m taking good notes, so if I love it maybe I’ll get it published! Maybe. I mean, I have two or three designs done and photographed but I just haven’t found time to write them up. The computer time interferes with the knitting time these days. And apparently I’m prioritizing the knitting. Don’t worry, there are a couple of things coming out in 2016 – but I might be a “quarterly release” designer for a while here.

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