Spring flowers

After a cold and snowless winter spring in Vermont seems to be taking its sweet time to arrive. Trees still haven’t started leafing out and the grass is only just turning from brown to green. But the ephemeral flowers didn’t get the message, so at least there are a few signs of hope!


Bloodroot – grows in moist woods and thickets – including the edge of my yard.


Trout Lily – with mottled leaves that are supposed to look like brook trout.

Both of these grow just one seed per plant and that seed is carried away and eaten by ants! Talk about slow reproduction…


Red Trillium – the reds always bloom first, the white and fancy will come later in spring.


I honestly don’t know! It’s too early for strawberries and the leaves are wrong. The leaves are wrong for bloodroot too. Anybody want to guess what these little guys are??


One response to “Spring flowers

  1. The Plant ID FB group (the friendly one, not the snarky one) says its “Claytonia Virginica, aka Spring Beauty. Pretty rare to see them and they won’t bloom very long.”

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