Designs in progress

I have some designs in progress and I think they’re finally going to see daylight!

(Morning Walk – coming very soon)

I’ve mentioned a lot how busy life has been. That’s finally starting to slow down. There was a moving truck involved. Things are definitely looking up in the commuting department. I haven’t had much time for knitting, or design work. But that’s finally starting to change.

(Multiflorous socks)

The things I have knit this year have been of my own imagining. And now I’m starting to revisit them. Write them up. Check my notes, my photos, dig out my samples.

bunny back
(unnamed bunny hat)

Fall is coming. And new patterns will be here soon too! Watch this space!

wine mitt mug
(unnamed wine mitts)

All these items are potential new designs. Anything you’d especially love to see a pattern for? Consider signing up for my newsletter if you never want to miss a release!

(there’s a whole sweater dress like this)


2 responses to “Designs in progress

  1. Ooh, exciting! I’m so glad you’re finally able to get back into designing and knitting!

    My husband and I are now working on selling our home – we’re not wanting to move far, we just want a place with a bit more land and privacy (we’re on 0.63 acres right now and starting to feel the crazy neighbors more than in the past…). I feel you on the busyness – it’s nuts getting a house ready for sale and staged for buyers and trying to still LIVE there during the process! I’m glad to hear you’re out the other side – gives me hope that this craziness is only temporary. I’m afraid to even cook in the house (I brought my crockpot into work earlier this week to make the week’s dinners) because I don’t want the house smelling of cooking and turning people off. On the up side, about the only thing I CAN do in our house right now that doesn’t make a mess or have a lingering smell is knit, haha. Now if only I hadn’t packed up all my yarn and pattern books… ;-)

  2. I like that bunny hat and the mitts. Nice designs.

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