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Gift Along 2016

It’s just about thanksgiving which means we, the few, the crafty, are already thinking about holiday knitting. For the (third? fourth?? I can’t keep track oh well) something-th year running I’ll be participating in the Indie Designer’s Gift-Along! That Ravelry link will give you all the details. But in a nut-shell it goes like this:

  • Participating designers have patterns on sale from tonight to November 30th.
  • Knit Alongs will be hosted for all types of projects with prizes for participation, random give aways, and other special categories.
  • Prizes! Digital patterns, physical yarn, books, notions. This part is big because we’re pooling our resources. You should really check out the prize list.

To find which patterns are on sale for the next week(ish) you can check out the group bundles and pinterest boards (here). Or see the designer’s bundles (here).

I’ve got 15 designs which will be 25% off as part of the sale! From 8pm (EST) tonight through midnight on the 30th use the code giftalong2016 to get the discount. This is my biggest annual sale and I hope you like the selection this year. I tried to mix old and new, small and large projects so there should be something for everyone! 


So warm up those needles, dig through your stash, and happy knitting!

What is greatness?

I will work to make America great. My definition may be a little different than that of others. But oh well.

I will work to help the poor, shelter the weak, feed the hungry, build my local community from the ground up.

I will take the high road. And I will hope for the best. I’m scared. But I also believe that most of us simply want what is best. We want a world with less corruption and less hate. We just see very different ways of getting there at the top level.

But let’s not forget that we live at the bottom level. In our communities we can work together, stand up against bullies, and make sure our ideals shine through. On a day-to-day level don’t forget those ideals are not so far apart.

More knitting tomorrow, I promise.

WIPs and FOs

I’m mostly knitting accessories these days, and a (not?) surprising number of them are for Windsor. I mean, how can I say no when she asks specifically for me to knit slippers?

And then, of course, she needs a new hat this year. This one is the classic garter ear flap hat from Purl Soho:


Next up, a collection of mittens. I’m considering lanolin-izing these just like I used to for the diaper covers. I’m thinking that’ll help them keep her hands warm and dry on the playground. Sounds good in theory, anyway:


And I whipped up some pretty fingerless mitts too. Because what is fall without a new pair of mitts for myself?