Taking stock

I have great plans for keeping my knitting notions organized. Of course I do! A needle roll, baskets, zipper bags for the little stuff, a whole craft nook with shelves and a dresser and a big table. But I don’t KNIT in my craft nook, just store stuff there. And in knitting bags. And other baskets all over the house. And eventually it looks like this:


And while I’m usually pretty good at keeping my yarn stash updated in Ravelry (usually) entering my needle collection has been sporadic at best. And the worst part is they sometimes wear out. Not the metal ones, mind you, but the wooden ones can get splintery tips, and the skinnier sizes eventually break.* This was brought to the front of my attention when I recently tried to knit these orange socks, only to discover I no longer own ANY US 1.5 dpns. That, combined with the toddler mittens I knit on splintery US8’s late last fall has me thinking it’s time to take stock of my DPNs and figure out where the gaps are.


This is almost every set of DPNs I own. I know there are size 0 square metal ones in the sock project in my drawer at work. And I suspect that 2 of my size 7 signatures are around here somewhere because a set of 3 would be pretty useless…

What have I learned? I do, very much, need a backup set of US8’s. That’s one of my favorite sizes and I own the signatures and the splintery brittanys that really need to be replaced.

I have a sticky note somewhere in my brain saying I need more 4’s and 6’s. This is a lie. I have FOUR sets of 6’s and THREE sets of 4’s. It’s possible I keep buying more because I think I need them, but clearly I need to stop that.

I have complete coverage for every size from 000 through 11 which is pretty good! But I definitely need second sets at a couple of sizes. That statement would’ve seemed crazy a decade ago. But I cannot tell you how often I have two or more projects going on size 7’s at the same time. And sure I have four sets of size 6’s, but I pulled three of them from three separate parts of my house because they’d come out of various projects and never gotten put away.

Also, I have a gift certificate left over from Christmas and, believe it or not, I don’t feel like I need more yarn** right now…

*we won’t talk about the entire set of US4 ebony DPNs that I snapped, one at a time, by using them as hair sticks.

**well, only because I just bought yarn yesterday. But that’s different! It’s for a specific project!!


8 responses to “Taking stock

  1. This post makes me smile. I have too many circular needles in size 5 and not enough in size 7. How does this happen?

    • It’s funny, isn’t it? I have lots of 1’s, 4’s and 6’s and I would not have said those are my most-used sizes.

      My interchangeable circular set really helped cut back on buying duplicates of those. But I’m very firmly a DPN knitter for smaller stuff, so I still collect those like they’re going out of style!

  2. My needles are so disorganized… I TRY to keep them organized and each in it’s own place, but they end up scattered around various knitting bags and project bags and drawers and bowls, and of course I can never find the size I need when I need it (or I’m at the yarn store getting a new project and I’m AFRAID I can’t find the right ones at home!) and I end up buying new ones that I really don’t need, hahaha.

    Also, I’m very impressed that you keep your yarn inventory up to date on Ravelry – I would love to be able to say that…

    • Well, occasionally I buy a single skein of something and forget to add it in. Those can be exciting finds when I go stash diving later on!

      But I pick my next projects at lunch break a LOT. And it’s just so much easier when my yarn and patterns are all in Ravelry.

  3. “its” not “it’s”

  4. Oh, gosh, yes – I can’t tell you how often I lament not having my stash updated on Ravelry! It would make life SO much easier when I find a pattern I love – as it is, all too often I end up getting new yarn for it because I didn’t realize I had stash yarn that would be perfect! (Right now my stash is mostly packed up, since we’re selling our house, so it’s even worse!)

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