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more tiny things

The knitting of teeny tiny things  continues unabated:


I. Can. Not. Even. Can you also not even?

I mean, they’re so cute. They kinda broke all my words.


Here’s my Ravelry project. The pattern is the classic Saartje’s Bootees. I stitched down one strap and added actual buttons to the second. I’m deluded and think this will help keep them on baby feet (don’t try to argue that with me.)

The yarn is from Fireweed Dyeworks. I’d never heard of it before this, but I spent a lot of time scouring Etsy for short-repeat rainbow yarn and this stuff looked perfect (look her up: Alaskan Nancy on Etsy). The colors in Russian Rainbow are also perfect. And in a moment of pure synchronicity the booties knit up using EXACTLY one repeat of color. Which is to say, I didn’t actually try to make identical booties. I just got really REALLY lucky.

But the knitting of tiny things is shifting already. Next on my needles? An Iona blanket. I (of course) am making some changes and working the pattern in DK yarn. We’ll see what that does to my gauge. I do not have a great track record for actually finishing baby blankets. But I’m hopeful, because this one is knit in squares, and because each square can use different colors, that I have a fighting chance. Also, just check out the cables. How is this NOT already an FO? It’s so ME.

© Lucy Hague

Teeny tiny sooo little

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned my little Fernboro hat project, and now it’s done!


Feather and fan stitch patterns are one of those things that has grown on me over the years. I didn’t love them (any of them, in any form) when I was a new knitter. I don’t know why. But these days I love how the stacked increases and decreases can change the hem line of a thing. And I LOVE how this design uses cleverly placed fans to create wee little earflaps.

After that I finished up a much bigger hat that had been languishing (pattern is the Garter Earflap hat from Purl Soho). I knit the whole thing back in October, except it wasn’t nearly deep enough for Windsor’s head. Then she asked for a new pompom hat (she calls them “pony hats” like a pompom is some kind of pony tail) so I ripped this one back to the earflaps knit a new crown, and tada!


And AFTER THAT I started in on a new project, a pair of little chausses: baby booties in quick, speedy worsted weight. Because apparently I’m on a finishing spree.


What’s up with all the teeny tiny knitting? Well, we have a new teeny tiny soooo little baby on the way! That’s how Windsor describes the baby, “our baby is sooo small, teeny tiny, little, like this!” – every time. She’s more than a bit excited. Then again, so are the rest of us!