It’s not all sadness around here. Only a couple of days after Jake died I realized that I did not want time to grieve. I needed a new dog. I firmly believe in rescuing dogs. I wanted one that was no longer a young puppy, but still young enough to easily train and have a long life with us.

I figured I needed to start looking now, because finding all this in a rescue dog that’s also good with cats and kids would take time. Right?


Wrong! I found Foxy through the rescue No Greater Love. They foster their dogs in homes in Alabama and transport them up once the pup has been chosen by a family.

It felt like a bit of a risk welcoming a dog I’d never met into my home. But the people at the rescue agency were wonderful about communication, answering questions, and helping me feel sure that Foxy was just the right dog for us.


I wanted to rename her Mae (after the astronaut Mae Jemison) but Windsor really liked Foxy, so we’re compromising with the name Foxy-mae. She’s somewhere between 6 months and a year old. And no one knows her back story. She’s very shy, but already starting to warm up to us. We have small victories every day, like her walking in and outside on her leash on her own.

And she’s already mastered the selfie. Good girl Foxy-mae!

4 responses to “Foxy-mae


    I love her too! We’ve been without for nearly a year. I want another, husband on the fence but believe he’s weakening.
    Congratulations to your family and Foxy-mae <3

  2. Aw, she’s beautiful! And obviously happy in her new home! <3 <3 <3

    We waited about 8 months after we lost our sweet old girl, but that was mostly because we didn't want to bring a new pupper in while we were in the middle of renovating our new house. It's so healing to have a little four-foot around again!

    • Yeah, I have enough upheaval right now that some of my friends questioned getting a new dog. But I know I’m staying right in my current place, it’s dog friendly, and I need a new project anyway. Apparently my 11month old isn’t keeping me busy enough!

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