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Autumn leaves

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a UFO?!? No! Wait! It’s an actual FO!

This is my second Morning Walk vest, this time knit in vibrant red! If you can remember back two years I cast on as part of the knit along for this pattern back in October 2016 (according to Ravelry)

The problem was that I tried to add length. I knit the green sample out of one skein with a little yarn left over. But apparently not enough to add length below and above the button hole.

So I knit up into the yoke, ran out of yarn, and frogged back to the underarms to remove the extra above the button hole. Ran out of yarn again, and frogged back to below the button hole to remove all the extra length.

Then I ran out of yarn AGAIN when I was working the seed stitch at the top of the yoke. I shouldn’t have, but either my gauge, or the skein, or both were off slightly. These things happen.

I frogged back one last time, worked less of the leaf lace in the yoke and no short rows. This vest has a completely different neckline from the first. But it worked!

Then it sat for a couple months. Then I wove in ends and blocked it. Then is sat for a couple MORE months. Then I finally added the button.

Given how many times I had to frog, it’s a miracle the thing ever got finished at all…

Bigger stripes

Turns out my case of startitis for this shawl cardi was well founded. I love knitting stripes!

And just when the shawl-like rows get long enough that I start to be bored: it’s sleeve division time!

Next the designer has used short rows to fill in around the triangle point before working the body back and forth. This’ll be interesting, because I decided to use a striping kit for color C. Which means I’m doing math and winding tiny balls of yarn so the colored stripes will be evenly spaced.

This will either look gorgeous, or turn into me frogging the body so many times I give up and stuff the whole thing in a closet and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Which way will it go?!



New hair!

Let’s see, this weekend was a busy one:

Planted fall lettuce, raddishes, and beans with Windsor.

Went to a couple awesome yardsales (and now Windsor wants to sell stuff in our front yard too)

Made 2 lasagnas, one for dinner and one for the freezer. Put tomatoes and zucchini from the garden in them.

Started drying tomatoes on my dashboard, but it wasn’t hot enough. So I’ll be the weirdo in the parking lot at work with tomatoes in my car.

And, of course, got my sassy new haircut!

I’ve been working on the stripy cardi, too!


And the gardening is easy,

Well. Easy may be the wrong word. But at least the harvest has started!

The tomatoes are finally producing faster than the squirrel can eat them. Although the Matt’s wild cherry tomatoes live up to their amazing reputation. Which is to say my girls are now eating them all straight off the vine. Maybe by the end of summer I’ll get to dry some.

The bean pole tent is also growing to plan! I think it has somewhere between 10 and 20 bean vines, which produce just the right number of beans for us. At least for now…

I imagine I’ll be over run with cucumbers soon too.

I can’t wait!


I wanna be where the people are…

Knit camp

Vermont’s longest running* fiber-related camping event happened once again this year! The forecast called for rain, but we were prepared.

And with all that Saturday was dry! I have to admit I don’t know about Friday or Sunday as I was a day camper this year. I decided against trying to fit myself, the girls, and everything you need to go camping with a one year old into my little red LEAF. The car is surprisingly roomy. But maybe not quite that big.

The girls and I arrived mid morning and stayed through suppertime. I love slow cooking ham and bean meals, and nothing is classic like doing them in the dutch oven by the fire (even if the cast iron plus a touch of ash makes the a little blackened.)

And I started my stripy shawl hoodie cardi! So far, so good…

*this claim is completely made up. But may in fact still be true.

Shawl cardi

I have a slow burning case of startitis. I’ve been giving the side eye to the hoodie shawl cardigan since January. But knitting moves slowly these days.

(c) Susanne Sommer

But seriously, look how cute! And I love the idea of knitting garments out of crazy sock yarn. And I have many crazy sock yarns in my stash.

The olive green won for color A based on yardage. This is the only stashed skein I have with over 550yds. It will replace the gray in the striped yoke/hood and at the bottom. The blue/purple will be starring as color B in the yoke/hood and sleeves.

I did the black and white test, and it looks like they’ll contrast well enough:

The blue is a touch darker (while the green has exactly value as the grass!)

But which yarn should be the body?

I love the red against the green, and I love reds in general. But will there be too many colors? Will it be a technicolor dream cardi?

Against the blue I think the gray wins. Although the brown is a good neutral color too, and not quite as dark.

Which do you prefer? I’ll be over here knitting a green and blue striped triangle while I decide.


The first thing I did with those currants is steep some in a good, local, vodka.

The rest will be handed off to my Dad who makes amazing hard cider. He’s tried wild grapes, and always makes some with cranberries. So black currants seem logical too.

I’ve been making some really nice fizzy, fruity drinks too. That one is fresh blueberries with mint.

This one I left out the mint and added blood orange bitters. Also this is a great chance to use up those artisanal ice cubes I made last spring.