Bigger stripes

Turns out my case of startitis for this shawl cardi was well founded. I love knitting stripes!

And just when the shawl-like rows get long enough that I start to be bored: it’s sleeve division time!

Next the designer has used short rows to fill in around the triangle point before working the body back and forth. This’ll be interesting, because I decided to use a striping kit for color C. Which means I’m doing math and winding tiny balls of yarn so the colored stripes will be evenly spaced.

This will either look gorgeous, or turn into me frogging the body so many times I give up and stuff the whole thing in a closet and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Which way will it go?!

4 responses to “Bigger stripes

  1. I can’t decide if you’re very brave or very foolish, haha! I loooooooove the colors, can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • Probably a little of both! Along with the math I keep wondering about adding stripes with stripes. I hope it’ll be awesome, and not make me feel like a zebra…

  2. Rebecca Pfeiffer

    What is that grey/beige yarn? It looks wonderfully soft!

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