My collection of unusual house plants has grown again! Let me introduce my new air plants.

Air plants are epiphytes. Like orchids they don’t require soil, just water and sunlight.

I started out with just one little red guy who hung out with my succulents. Since moving to the kitchen counter he’s grown a tiny (but observable!) amount. These plants grow very slowly, so that growth qualifies as exciting.

Now that he has some friends I’ve set up a new display. Each air plant (tillandsia) got one spirally cradle. And then I added spirally hooks to a tree branch.

The tree branch was free, and the wires all came from paperclips.

Which made this a very low budget project. Thankfully.

I’m really pleased with the spirally bits. I can’t get decent photos of the whole setup though, because my phone camera can’t focus that precisely.

That little lady has a bloom coming soon!! I’m very excited.

One response to “Tillies!

  1. When visiting my aunt in Florida last year, we went to Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, FL. Near their gift shop they had a wall of hanging air plants, It was neat to observe and it was very calming to sit near. I need some for my front picture window :)

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