Hat Season

November has finally brought cold weather, and that means it’s hat season! Since I’m a knitter there’s always a basket full of hats by the door. But I do believe the girls deserve new hats in the fall.

This will hopefully be a copy of Anna’s hat. (The sister in Frozen.) Its based off a bonnet pattern and I trimmed it in burgundy and white just like the movie. It’s actually done by now and just needs some braids which will be the ties for this bonnet. Willow (being the little sister) will get the Anna bonnet.

Of course that means an Elsa hat is planning for Windsor. But first I’m distracted by this beauty:

This is the Mira hat from Berroco. I’m knitting my version in a variety of very VERY soft leftovers. Cashmere, silk, merino, alpaca. This hat will be going to live with a friend whose hair is thinning. I can’t let my friends have cold heads!


2 responses to “Hat Season

  1. oooh, that looks super-comfy!

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