Black garlic

Black garlic is apparently a foodie thing these days. I’d seen it mentioned here and there, but it’s not like I have time to hunt down exotic foods these days.

Then I was at my local farm picking up my winter veggies and they had a large glass jar of black garlic bulbs.

I unwittingly asked if it was something they grew themselves. And that’s when I learned black garlic is just regular garlic, fermented!

You know where this is going, right? I love fermenting things.

Some googling taught me that clean bulbs are fermented somewhere between 120F and 190F, at high humidity, for at least 3 weeks.

Of course you can buy a tool for this. But some sites also talk about making it in a crockpot or rice cooker. I know from my yogurt experiments that both of those run in the right temperature range. But my rice cooker automatically turns off after 15 hours. And I didn’t want the crockpot dedicated to one thing that long.

Luckily I remembered I have a little dipper crock pot in the basement. It’s meant for keeping dips warm. I bought it a lifetime ago for overnight oatmeal.

And it’s just the right size to plug in, then ignore, for a month straight. For the first twoish weeks the cling film was covered in condensation. For the last two weeks I added a dribble of water every day, or so.

Looks just like black garlic to me! I think I’ll start by making some salad dressing.

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