I live in a valley of the Green Mountains and design knitting patterns that are inspired by the rolling landscape of Vermont where beauty and function are found together. What does that even mean? I like my knitting to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. I design sweaters and vests, shawls, and fingerless mitts. Sometimes I’ll branch out into the frilly or funny – but always with a purpose.

I started designing because I was never very good at following patterns. I was about half way through calculating my first sleeve cap (on paper, with pencil) when I realized that once I’d done the math grading for other sizes would be (comparatively) easy.

Along with designing I like to spin (yarn, not exercise), do yoga, garden (flowers and veggies), play outside my daughters and my dog. In the winter we snowshoe and ski (downhill and cross country). Summertime finds us swimming and hiking. Oh yeah, I have a day job too. I want to retire early and sell cheese and wool when I grow up, because let’s be honest, knitwear design is unlikely to pay the bills.

This blog is rambling. I will ramble on about fiber, knitting, other crafts, environmental stuff, family, pets, and life in general. This blog may contain knitting patterns, techniques, and other useful tidbits, depending on my mood.

I can be found on ravelry, twitter, and facebook under the same user name: BeckyinVT. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at becky(dot)herrick(at)gmail(dot)com.

3 responses to “About

  1. where is this knitting camp? i live in vermont also and have never heard of it.
    if you can e-mail me if this is something open to the public, let me know. thanks, judy

    • Judy-

      Knitting camp is at Kettle Pond State park in the Groton state forest! It’s absolutely open to the public, they just ask that people pre-register so they can tell the park how many people to expect. The website with all sorts of useful information, including registration info, is here .

      Sadly camp is over for this summer. But there is a (slightly more expensive, but still a very good deal) winter retreat at Seyon Lodge in February, and we’ll be having knit camp again next summer! You can watch the website next summer for updates, and I’m sure I’ll mention it in my blog as well.


  2. I purchased a kit from Craftsy with The Rime hat pattern and was given a link to your blog. I am wondering if it is possible to make the hat bigger. The pattern says it is for a 21 inch head and my head is 23 inches.

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