Jubjub Bird

Jubjub hero

Jubjub Bird is a sock pattern for the whole family. Graduated stripes of bright color make these fun socks just a touch surreal. Tone them down with neutral colors or spice them up with even brighter ones! You can find more details, favorite, and queue it on Ravelry.

Jubjub bird preview

This pattern is available for sale for $5. Clicking the button above will take you to an automated paypal checkout where you can pay with credit/debit card or paypal balance. The download will automatically be e-mailed to you, and added to your Ravelry library if you have an account there. Thanks to Ravelry for making this feature available to members and non-members alike!

Jubjub en point

These socks are knit from the top down with stripes of different colors. You can either carry the yarn or break it and weave in ends between each stripe. I carried the yarn for stripes of 5 rows or less, but wove in ends for wider stripes as carrying the yarn can make a little faux seam.

jubjub forked heels

The heel used here is a forked short row heel. It is worked in the same fashion as a standard short row heel. However instead of working down and then up again you will be directed to work down, then up, then down, then up again. This adds a little extra fabric around the heel which improves the fit and keeps the heel from wearing through so quickly.

Jubjub looking down

This tightly spun superwash merino yarn makes sturdy socks that hold up to wear and tear. The MC fades away as the CC fades in with stripe patterns calculated for each size. Jubjub Bird is written in 5 sizes: 5 (6.25, 7.5, 8.5, 9.75)”/12.5 (16, 19, 21.5, 25) cm which are approximate for toddler (child/womens’ small, womens’ medium, womens’ large/men’s small, men’s large) The yardage for each color is:
MC yardage: 48 (100, 136, 160, 205) yds
CC yardage: 68 (132, 181, 221, 283) yds
So, depending on the sizes you choose you may be able to knit two pairs of socks from a single skein.

Jubjub with book

I want to thank Joeli Caparco (joeli on Ravelry) for providing the technical editing.


One response to “Jubjub Bird

  1. Great socks! I’m intrigued by the forked short row heel – I’ve only ever done one pair of socks with a short row heel because those fit oddly and wore through so quickly. (Oh, and I love the name!)

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