Kathryn Margaret


I don’t have a lot of fancy words for this shawlette. The inspiration was simple. I asked myself, could I create a closed loop, celtic styled knot that would travel the length of the bottom edge of a shawl?


Cabled edgings are one of my favorite techniques, after all.


After my sister died I knew I wanted to honor her with my own craft and name a pattern in her memory. Since she was always fiercely proud of her scottish heritage I thought she’d really appreciate this pattern (even if she was never the sort to wear shawls)


I combined this with a simple crescent shaped body. To bring the design full circle (you could say to really close the loop) the last three cable stitches on each point continue their path into the i-cord bind off that runs along the top of the shawl – which also provides stability.

To knit this shawlette you work the cable edging first, starting with a provisional cast on at the center and working from there to one tip. Next you remove the provisional cast on and work the second half of the cable, following the mirrored charts. After the cable is finished, you pick up stitches along the top edge and knit the body of the shawl back and forth, using short rows. The whole thing uses just two skeins of Mountain Colors 4/8’s wool, less than 500 yards total! You will need to be able to read charts in order to knit this. You can favorite and queue this shawlette on Ravelry.

Kathryn Margaret preview

This pattern is available for sale for $6.00. Clicking the button above will take you to an automated paypal checkout where you can pay with credit/debit card or paypal balance. The download will automatically be e-mailed to you, and added to your Ravelry library if you have an account there. Thanks to Ravelry for making this feature available to members and non-members alike!


If you want to make this as a full sized shawl adding length, width, or both is very simple. You can work more repeats of the cable chart for a longer shawl, and simply make sure the short rows are centered around the marker placement when you start the body. To make the shawl deeper you could work the body short rows every 2nd stitch instead of every 3rd.


This shawl started out life with a different name and a different purpose and I’m glad it’s finally made the long journey to this point, where I can share it with you.


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