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The last skein of purple yarn for my green and purple sweater still hasn’t arrived. The USPS may be holding it hostage, but what for? I do not know.

I ran out of handspun with 1 inch, plus the sleeve cap of one sleeve, and another 2 inches of turtleneck to go. I have enough fiber for another 150 yards, and I think I only need 50 or so. But still, I thought I was done with the spinning.

In my frustration at my sweaters I might have cast on an Aestlight Shawl. Not sure how that happened.

I want this book and I want it now. None of my local book stores seem to have it in stock. Maybe I should have requested they order it in advance?

I’m getting antsy with anticipation for a design that will be release soon. Very soon. You could probably figure out which one, if you happened to check Ravelry… But I can’t show pictures yet. (soon though, very soon!)

I want to make felted boots. I can’t decide on a color. I asked Twitter and Facebook – and so far the colors are tied. It’s not helping. (Cobalt blue, cranberry red, charcoal grey – which do you think is best?)