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Hat Season

November has finally brought cold weather, and that means it’s hat season! Since I’m a knitter there’s always a basket full of hats by the door. But I do believe the girls deserve new hats in the fall.

This will hopefully be a copy of Anna’s hat. (The sister in Frozen.) Its based off a bonnet pattern and I trimmed it in burgundy and white just like the movie. It’s actually done by now and just needs some braids which will be the ties for this bonnet. Willow (being the little sister) will get the Anna bonnet.

Of course that means an Elsa hat is planning for Windsor. But first I’m distracted by this beauty:

This is the Mira hat from Berroco. I’m knitting my version in a variety of very VERY soft leftovers. Cashmere, silk, merino, alpaca. This hat will be going to live with a friend whose hair is thinning. I can’t let my friends have cold heads!


Lookit me! I finished a project in a totally reasonable amount of time!

woman in red hat looking over her shoulder

This is my G’night Cap by Sarah Schira knit out of Peace Fleece using their amaranth colorway.

This hat is loooong. You may remember that my gauge was looser than the pattern called for, so I worked a size smaller than usual. Well, I assume my row gauge was off too, because I worked on fewer length repeats than that size called for.

from behind woman in red hat looking up

And it’s long even with the brim folded up and the hat pulled right down to my eyebrows. This hat will easily keep my ears warm. And it’s striking too!

woman in red hat looking right

(and I don’t think I’m bored of the pattern yet, so there might be versions for the girls. Although I’m totally distracted and knitting a different hat for Willow next.)

((and yes, my hair is purple and red right now))

woman in red hat staring straight at camera

See all the project details on ravelry, as usual.


Graveyard textures

Winter is coming


I managed to get myself to the NY Sheep and Wool festival this year – and it was pretty munch perfect.

Nana took the girls so I could have a restorative, grown up, weekend with fiber people. (if by “grown up” you understand that I ate pizza for dinner two nights in a row, pop tarts for breakfast two mornings in a row, and I was a role model for NO ONE.)

The sheep (and goats, and llamas, and alpacas) were adorable.

(that’s an angora goat, they grow mohair fiber. But I’m pretty sure it’s actually a Muppet come to life)

The fleece fumes were so powerful that I picked up a turkish spindle and some fiber, even though fiber was the ONE THING I wasn’t supposed to buy last weekend)

I regret nothing.

There was also an unexpected sweater quantity of yarn. (also an unplanned purchase)

And its enough for a colorwork sweater, no less.

But I didn’t get one of these:

No thanks, I don’t need to ask. I’m pretty sure this sign tells me everything I need to know.

I did drop my new spindle, twice, and from fairly high up in the train station:

Luckily it’s made of wood.

Rhinebeck is full of amazing knitterly people; old friends, and friends I just haven’t met yet. So thank you all for just being you.

(and no, I didn’t finish my Rhinebeck hat in time)


Chasing spiderwebs


I’m home with the girls for a couple days, and so we went for a leaf peeping / car nap in the rain yesterday. This is why I live in Vermont.


Autumn flowers

Wordless Thursday

Autumn leaves

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a UFO?!? No! Wait! It’s an actual FO!

This is my second Morning Walk vest, this time knit in vibrant red! If you can remember back two years I cast on as part of the knit along for this pattern back in October 2016 (according to Ravelry)

The problem was that I tried to add length. I knit the green sample out of one skein with a little yarn left over. But apparently not enough to add length below and above the button hole.

So I knit up into the yoke, ran out of yarn, and frogged back to the underarms to remove the extra above the button hole. Ran out of yarn again, and frogged back to below the button hole to remove all the extra length.

Then I ran out of yarn AGAIN when I was working the seed stitch at the top of the yoke. I shouldn’t have, but either my gauge, or the skein, or both were off slightly. These things happen.

I frogged back one last time, worked less of the leaf lace in the yoke and no short rows. This vest has a completely different neckline from the first. But it worked!

Then it sat for a couple months. Then I wove in ends and blocked it. Then is sat for a couple MORE months. Then I finally added the button.

Given how many times I had to frog, it’s a miracle the thing ever got finished at all…