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Camping at Maidstone was pretty awesome! Maidstone is the furthest east and most remote of all Vermont’s state parks and is really the middle of nowhere. At one point, as we were driving through that part of vermont known locally as “The Kingdom” I commented to Neil that we were quickly headed past the kingdom and out towards Oz… Actually, directions to Maidstone could be summarized like this:

  • Drive to the city on the edge of nowhere.
  • Continue east about 1 hour to the middle of nowhere.
  • Drive past the middle of nowhere and continue past the wildlife refuge another 45 minutes.
  • Turn right off the road from nowhere and head into the woods.
  • Drive another 6 miles along this windy, single lane road (carefully posted with “logging trucks have right of way” that was a bit scary) to entrance of park.

Once you get there it’s pretty much like other state parks across the country. Brown CCC buildings, drinking water from carefully labeled taps, camp sites with fire pits and the occasional lean-to or tent platform. Maidstone has some prime campsites which are right on the water edge, and at night the calls of the loons can be heard throughout the park.

Jake and Reggie did pretty well, all things considered, sleeping right in our little tent with us. If you consider the close quarters that a two person tent becomes when you have 2 large dogs in with the 2 humans, well, I don’t think any of us slept as well as we might have. A larger tent is on the short list for future camping trips!

We spent all of Saturday canoeing down a section of the Connecticut river with some friends. Another demonstration of how remote we were – we paddled for 4 hours, and didn’t pass under a single bridge the whole time. At one break along a sandbar the boys climbed to the top of the wall of sand, looked across the river gorge, and called back to me that there was a black bear in the field on the other side!

No bears visited us at camp though. We had amazing roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, home grown chicken, and steaks that our friends brought along. One of the best things about car camping is that we can eat really good food! I ate more s’mores then is proper for a grown up to consume. Good thing no one ever accused me of being proper!

And of course I got some knitting done. No shock there. I knit the first of a pair of green thumb mitts at camp. I brought my knitting along in the canoe, but spent most of my time actually paddling. So the only real results from that part of the trip are some water stains on the pattern.