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Good news, bad news, good news

To start, here’s the very important good news: I’m having a pattern sale! This is a good one: buy one, get one free! Just put “upgradetime” in the coupon code box of your Ravelry cart.

sale time



So what’s the bad news? The rights have reverted from the publisher back to me on my book. This means Cast Iron, Cast On is currently out of print. And to make matters worse, my computer died.

Wait, why are these two things related? Because I can’t release the ebook back onto Ravelry, or make single PDFs available, until I get a new computer. So, that’s what the sale is all about. I need to fund this new computer. So buy patterns! Spread the word!

The final good news is that I have FIVE new designs that have been knit and photographed. Once I have my new computer I can get rolling on the layout and you should be seeing some brand new patterns from me this year! And I do plan on releasing all those book patterns in single PDF format as well. So 2018 should be a fun one, designwise. If I can just get past this broken-computer-hump.

Sale details:
The sale applies to any of the patterns in my store – including the ebooks. (It will always be the less expensive pattern that is free.) You can use the code more than once – but you’ll need to check out more than once. If you put four patterns in your cart at the same time the system will only give you one free. The sale runs from today through March 8th.

Thanks for sticking around!


Christmas present

So I bought an extra copy of Free Range Knitter by the Yarn Harlot. I didn’t mean to get an extra. I bought it because I needed to round up an Amazon order to get free shipping. I thought “gee, I only own two of her books” and added one randomly to my cart.

free range dup

Yup, I managed to buy a second copy of one of the books I already owned. But I didn’t read it right away. I left it on the table by the stove, it got dripped on by something that was hung up to dry…

Anyway I just realized recently that I have this duplicate. SO! My loss, your gain, etc… Leave a comment on this post sometime between now and December 28th (ending at midnight EST) and I’ll ship you a copy. Books are heavy, so I’m going to limit this to US addresses only (sorry).

You can have either the one that’s dripped on, or the one the cat chewed up. My house is apparently dangerous for books…

This and that

This: It’s the start of August, which means it must be time for my monthly check in on the world’s happiest little meat chickens (I did 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month, why break a good pattern?)

2 month birds

They’re still the happiest meat birds, but possibly not so little anymore. They’re about the same size as our squirrely little home grown layers, and almost as big as that brahma in the photo!

hanging out

And they LOVE free ranging. They’re the first birds out of the coop every morning, and hang out by the door, not wanting to go in until full dark.

But as they get big you can tell they’re meat birds. First, they have massive legs to support their weight. Second, they do get a little front heavy as those boneless skinless chicken breasts we all love so much aren’t exactly normal. However these guys still run, jump after insects, eat grass and seed and bugs. It’s just that they need to take frequent breaks.

hanging out 2

That: I picked two button winners from last week’s post! The blue buttons will go to the first number I drew. That is #7 so Jennifer R will get them. The brown ones will go to the second number: 1. And that’s Sarah! Congrats! Check your inbox, I’ll need your addresses.

Craftsy swag

Friday night at TNNA I went to the designers’ dinner hosted by Marly Bird (who also hosts the Yarn Thing Podcast)

at dinner

If you remember it was a masquerade. That’s my table mate, show companion, and all around awesome designer friend Ruth of Rock + Purl. (photo from Ann Kingstone)

The dinner was sponsored by a number of AWESOME companies. For the next little while I’ll be thanking them as best I can – and passing on some of the goodies to you!

goody bag

There were a lot of goodies. Today I’m going to give away three Craftsy tape measures.

craftsy tape measures

Please tell me you’ve heard of Craftsy! They’re an online community for learning and sharing crafts of all kinds! They have classes on sewing, knitting, weaving, photography, and lots more. They also offer space to share the things you’ve created and another fun way to buy patterns.* I’m taking Caro’s class on photography right now and I’m wicked excited about it!

Ok, so give away details. Comment here, I’ll use the random number generator to pick three winners on Monday (noon EDT). Be sure to include a valid e-mail address when you comment (it won’t be displayed) so I can contact you if you win. Today’s in-theme spam-bot-foiling question is: tell me what kind of a class you’d be interested in taking from Craftsy!

*No, my knitting patterns aren’t on there yet. Yes, they should be. Yes, I’m trying to find time to get them uploaded…

lousy sales pitch

Last night I shirked all kinds of duties to play around on the computer. I’ve had it in my head for awhile to create my own knitting gift tags. There’s lots of good options out there, like these from Knitterlla, or these from Knit Love if you just want to download and print them yourself (who doesn’t love instant gratification?)

But no, I wanted to try my hand at making my own. I figured I could do this in Adobe and I’d be learning more about the software. Learning is good, right? I wanted to make something akin to the jar top labels I linked to earlier in the year.

Possibly I bit off more than I could chew. Maybe I shouldn’t assume that something an adobe expert can pull off will be easy to teach myself. But after futzing around all evening I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to embed text boxes which could be edited later. Well, I could figure out how to do it if I didn’t mind the DMV form look, but I kinda do mind.

So instead I ended up with these:
mediocre gift tags

They’re not bad, I guess. And I can edit them in the software to print anything I want in the text boxes. But I thought I was going to share my awesome, editable tags with the world, and instead I’m left sharing my mediocre, fixed-wording tags with the world. Sorry world…

I can already see some things I’d change for next time. A) it might be fun to get some color in there. Right now I’m just telling myself black and white is more stately (maybe I can add color later with markers?) B) I should have made larger inside margins for cutting along. As it is we’ve got 1/2 margins on two sides of the tags and MUCH SKINNY margins on the other two. Which makes for extra scissor work… C) Those flourishes? I don’t really like them. They’re pre-programmed stuff, and I think I like my hand drawn embroidery and knitting stitches better…

So, if you like my mediocre gift tags, feel free to download them! The file is two pages. Print on the front and back of the same page and you’ll get gift tag space on the front as well as space for writing your materials and washing directions on the back. But I won’t be offended if you go download some of those professional looking tags I linked to up top…

gift tag pdf download

click the image to download the pdf