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And the gardening is easy,

Well. Easy may be the wrong word. But at least the harvest has started!

The tomatoes are finally producing faster than the squirrel can eat them. Although the Matt’s wild cherry tomatoes live up to their amazing reputation. Which is to say my girls are now eating them all straight off the vine. Maybe by the end of summer I’ll get to dry some.

The bean pole tent is also growing to plan! I think it has somewhere between 10 and 20 bean vines, which produce just the right number of beans for us. At least for now…

I imagine I’ll be over run with cucumbers soon too.

I can’t wait!


Last fall we learned our back yard was about 4 feet shorter than we thought. See, when we bought this house one of the four corners of the lot had never been fully surveyed. Our neighbors had their land surveyed last fall. Et voila, the back yard is actually smaller than we all had thought.


So this weekend I cut a nice, straight garden bed through the lawn. Who needs more lawn anyway? The trough will hold the gladiola-of-doom collection and we’re putting a straw bale garden bed in, in front of them.

straw bale

We need a low-maintenance garden this year what with all the other house projects going on. The bales will kill the grass, and next year they’ll compost a wide back garden bed. Now we just need a few shrubs and some perennials, all transplanted from elsewhere in the yard, and soon our back yard will be gorgeous. And also all on our property (details.) Where was Windsor during this spring-fever day?


She was with her favorite person.

Blackberry season

It’s been another great year for blackberries in our yard. Although, remember how much jam I made last year? It’s a good thing we still have a little (of this, and of that), because this year I’ve been eating All The Fruit about as fast as we can pick it.


These pictures are from last weekend. I went out yesterday evening and discovered the harvest is finally slowing down. But when the harvest is good EVERYBODY gets in on it. Om, nom nomnomnomnom…

blackberries for Jake

I spent 30 minutes picking berries with the boys. Watching them nibble the ripe berries off the shrubs is hilarious. The thickets are so dense it’s easy to loose track of them, all of a sudden there’d be a rustle nearby and one of the dogs would come out of a patch so dense that I hadn’t even thought to check it for berries. Along with the dogs: the chickens, wild birds, and wildlife have all been feasting on berries for weeks now.

blackberries for me

We have about a quart in the freezer which means we’ve eaten another 3 or 4 quarts fresh! And there are still berries out there, some molding slowly on the vine because even with the help of the wildlife we can’t keep up…