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Town meeting day

The first tuesday in March is town meeting day in Vermont. This isn’t some political big-wig’s town hall meeting either. Many towns in Vermont still use the original town meeting where residents get together in the town hall and follow Robert’s Rules of Order to determine the direction of the town for the next year. We vote on selectmen, road maintenance, school expenses, non-profits which are supported by town funds, etc… Some of the bigger towns use ballots, but in my town we just use voice votes. We’re a very small town…

Anyway, I was sitting there, knitting and listening and voting. And they got to the library trustees – and there were two vacancies, and they explained what’s involved in the position… And I volunteered! I’m pretty excited even though our town library is in pretty sad shape. A pipe burst and it flooded several years ago. For the last few years the library trustees (and some volunteers) have been pulling up moldy carpet and repainting walls and sorting through and organizing the book collection. Thanks to all their hard work the library will hopefully be opening again this spring – and then the trustees (and some volunteers) will be needed to staff the building and help keep it running smoothly. The library budget is pretty much non-existent so it’s all about the volunteer work, luckily we have lots of willing hands and I’m glad to now count myself among them!