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Slice of life

The thing about life these days is that it’s simultaneously very busy, and pretty mundane. I mean, I love my kids, but somehow they’re not blog material quite the way my chickens were…

Recently though, we went on a little adventure

My brother got married in South Carolina. It was spring there and winter here in VT, so the timing was really perfect.

Traveling by plane with two small children was as rewarding, and exhausting, as you can imagine.

But we made it there and back again! And had quite a lot of fun in between.

And of course there was knitting! Not on the plane mind you, my lap was full of toddler then. But I managed to sneak in quite a bit during naps and while family entertained the girls. So it was a proper vacation all around!


We made a space themed room for my future astronaut.

Windsor needed a twin sized bed. So I offered to help her put together a themed room, and she chose outer space! She currently wants to be an astronaut when she grows up, a dream I am (of COURSE) supporting and encouraging.

The majority of this design was done with some washi tape, a couple of posters, and some new books.

Overall it was a fairly inexpensive transformation, except for the mattress. Although I went with the online Tuft & Needle brand so even that could have been worse. (no reviews here – my 4yo doesn’t like to go to sleep. With her new mattress? Still doesn’t like to go to sleep. Is that the mattress’s fault? Probably not.)

What is greatness?

I will work to make America great. My definition may be a little different than that of others. But oh well.

I will work to help the poor, shelter the weak, feed the hungry, build my local community from the ground up.

I will take the high road. And I will hope for the best. I’m scared. But I also believe that most of us simply want what is best. We want a world with less corruption and less hate. We just see very different ways of getting there at the top level.

But let’s not forget that we live at the bottom level. In our communities we can work together, stand up against bullies, and make sure our ideals shine through. On a day-to-day level don’t forget those ideals are not so far apart.

More knitting tomorrow, I promise.

Cars Troubles

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of car troubles. Actually, troubles with two cars, so Cars Troubles – plural on both. I’ve been driving a reliable old beater for years. Except somewhere over the last year it became slightly less reliable. Most recently the check engine light came on, and the code read as something expensive. So when my sister offered me a hand-me-down car I jumped at the chance. When we got it home it was a comedy of errors, check engine light but no good reason, brakes failed, then came back, and the mechanic couldn’t figure out why. Clutch needs to be replaced. I switched back to my reliable old beater. Yesterday that car died on the side of the road.* And so now I’ve switched back again to the hand-me-down car.

I hate cars. So why am I telling you all this?

Sometimes I worry that this blog is becoming too picturesque. It’s all adorable toddlers, perfect knitting, and snowy landscapes. But life isn’t like that. Sometimes a car breaks down in that snowy landscape. Sometimes that adorable toddler won’t sleep unless she’s literally on top of one of her parents. Even the knitting gets frogged occasionally. Nothing is perfect. Let’s all embrace the imperfections. Maybe I will be able to laugh about this car thing in a couple more weeks. Feel free to leave a comment about what’s gone off-rails around you recently. It helps to get things out in the open sometimes!

I knit the whole cuff of my most recent mittens with the dominant and recessive yarns backwards. Corrugated ribbing looks SO BAD this way that I’m considering doing it again just so I can take pictures. Sounds like a decent blog post, right?

*almost. I mean, I limped along in first gear to the daycare parking lot. But it was essentially dead. At least I didn’t have to push it the last 100 feet.

Slice of life

I went off to a work conference the first three days of this week, and I’m really low energy by now.

It was hard to leave, I’d just planted my garden on Sunday, and Reggie got into a major tussle with a porcupine that afternoon. Without exaggeration I can say we lost count of the quills we pulled from his face. I’m guessing somewhere between 30 and 50? Including quills from the roof of his mouth, his gum line, under his tongue, and all up the right side of his face almost to his eye. I kinda wonder what the porcupine looked like? Was it bald after this incident?? Reggie was down-right stoic during the process. He let us pull quills from inside his mouth without snapping, snarling, and I swear once he’d calmed down from the initial incident he was careful about holding his head still so we could try and grab those little suckers with the pliers.

Neil is a competent, caring, careful guy. He’s totally able to keep an eye on Reggie, water my seedlings, and take care of the house while I’m gone. I still really really hated leaving him with all that to watch over!

But I did knit a sock and a half while I was gone! Sadly for you, I have no pictures (yet) It’s Plymouth Happy Feet yarn in a lovely orangey-brown. I worked ribbed cuffs with little faux cables every 4th row. They’re easy enough I can knit under the table, but pretty enough I can focus on the plane.

But sadly I didn’t finish the pair, so now they’re in the unfinished sock pile. That pile is up to 4 pairs! My wrought iron socks, some stripy socks for a design*, and those sad wallflower socks – the ones from my LAST conference knitting where I ran out of both colors of yarn just before the toe of the second sock…

And we’re Fenway bound**! We going to see a baseball game this weekend with my parents. I’m very excited, and have been planning my car and baseball knitting. Sadly no socks are included…

*probably out this fall at this point

**This time of year I’m always crazy busy. I loose track of entire weeks in May.