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Rattlin Brook

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day for the 30th anniversary of the Rattlin Brook Bluegrass festival.

bluegrass festival

There was music, there was food, there were friends and knitting and sunshine.

bluegrass hot mustard

bluegrass instruments

It was sunshine-y and gorgeous (did I mention that already?) and I missed sunscreening the inside of my right ankle. So beyond the nasty sunburn (and now I can make great references to my achilles heel) I have only good memories of the day.

bluegrass bass

And then, of course, it rained on sunday…


It’s winter here in the north country.
Snow’s so high it’s up past my knees.

snows past my knees

Car won’t start and the wood pile’s low,

wood piles low

everything moves so slow.
And it’s so cold,
maybe I’m just getting old.

So I’ll hunker down for another night,
eat my supper by candle light.

supper by candlelight

And it won’t
be long
’till summer’s here again…

Lyrics from Won’t Be Long by Susannah Clifford Blachly


come on home

How many nights must I wait for the sound
of your footsteps falling on familiar ground?
And how many stars must I count
’till another sun comes up and brings the hope that you’ve been found?
‘Cause it’s been one whole year since duty called your name
and you kissed your newborn daughter and your only son.
You said time would go by fast
by October you’d be home with us at last
’cause the war would soon be won.

Come on home, I feel winter coming on
and I need you here to help us see it through.
Come on home, supper’s cooking on the stove.
Did you know we always set a place for you?
Every night we always set a place for you…

Come on Home, by Susannah Clifford Blachly.
You can listen to this song right on her website.

I hope everyone is with the ones they love this holiday season.

October light

october light 1

There ain’t no saving daylight,
when the tenth month comes around.

october light 2

September’s memories take flight,
as heaven’s lamp turns down.

october light 3

So we feast on eventide,
’cause November’s chilling bite

october light 4

is waiting on the other side
of this October Light.

Lyrics from October Light by Robin and Linda Williams

These are actually sunrise photos. With the change in seasons I’ve been getting up in the dark, and leaving home in the dark. Sadly, even “falling back” to standard time leaves me waking up in the dark, and it throws off my internal clock in the evenings as well…

Rattlin’ Brook

Saturday was the Rattlin’ Brook Bluegrass festival.

Six bands,




picnics, friends,

into the sunset

swimming holes, swings,


knitting, frisbee, and everything else you could want from a sunny summer day.

bluegrass cello

Won’t be long

It’s winter here in the north country,
snow’s so high it’s up past my knees.
Car won’t start and the wood pile’s low.
Everything moves so slow,
and it’s so cold,
maybe I’m just getting old.
So I’ll hunker down for another night,
eat my supper by candlelight.
And it won’t be long
’till summer’s here again!
-Susannah Clifford Blachly

I’ve been pretty whiny about February recently, and it’s a small comfort that I’m not alone.

But my new CD: All the Colors by Susannah (who’s also a Vermonter) is reminding me that Spring will be back. I may have bought this as a gift for Neil at Christmas but really, it was because I needed there to be a copy in my home*! I love how I can HEAR vermont in her music. She’s a folk singer and if you like guitars and fiddles and pianos and soaring music (I see her described online as celtic/americana – that sounds about right) you really should give her a try. All her lyrics tell stories and the music is the coloring that brings them to life.

It looks like you should be able to listen to samples on Amazon – but I recommend ordering it straight from her website to really support my local musician.

*Don’t worry, he likes it too.