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Not even close

I asked which sweater you all liked better, and the answer was pretty much* unanimous! Boyden Valley it is :-)

So I thought I’d show you a little something more for the design. As I mentioned, these have both been submitted to publications, so here’s my submission package for Boyden Valley:

Boyden Valley

This is how I do pretty much all my submissions. I’ll include a schematic if the construction is unusual. And if it’s a physical submission I send the swatch in so I don’t have to fit it on the page. I’ll just tag it with one of my business cards (because they have all my contact info) and write the submission name on the back. I try to get everything onto one or two pages because I figure with hundreds of designs to flip through the editors don’t need to see 6 pages for each idea. I can’t say as this is the best submission format, but it’s what I like.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to write a yarn support request.

In the mean time it’s my 29th birthday! So in keeping with tradition I’m offering 29% off all my patterns. Any individual pattern** you purchase through Ravelry will have the discount automatically applied. And what’s more, if you purchase one of my other patterns please forward the receipt to me, and I’ll send you the 29% back via paypal. That includes my patterns from Twist Collective, Tangled, Ennea Collective, Knit Picks, or the yarn companies Sanguine Gryphon and Three Irish Girls. I was going to link them all, but, um, I have a lot of patterns out. Just go here if you want to see them all.

*pretty much meaning some people liked both, but no one voted for Cajeta over Boyden Valley

**Not the e-book, sorry… But the singles of those patterns qualify!

Bonfire party

We had a great bonfire party over the weekend, and I think I’ve finally recovered from missed sleep and too much fun. I had a horrible case of camnesia and I got exactly one good photo.


But trust me, there was much more fun than photography going on. We had a great pot luck meal, a little heavy on the protein maybe – there were two vegetarian chillis, a dish of baked beans, and my ham. But there was other wonderful food too – fruit salad and quinoa salad and yes, this was a very gluten-free friendly party, and no, I didn’t even plan it that way!

My plan to have a “dogs outside, food inside” party worked perfectly, and so I have no stories of dogs eating un-attended hams to tell you now. Instead the dogs amused themselves by finding the bones we’d hidden for them throughout the field.*

If you ever have a lot of large, heavy brush and down trees that need burning I highly recommend a bonfire party. Dragging blow downs out of the woods and burning them by yourself is hard work. Doing the same thing with friends is fun.** Having your friends’ large, strong boyfriends and husbands do it for you is even better still.

And on that front the party was a complete success, because the brush and downed trees are gone. And we spent sunday feeding the last of the logs into the fire so it burned for more than 24 hours…


*if by “hidden for them” you understand that I actually mean, “removed from my lawn so people wouldn’t trip over them, only to have the dogs undo all my hard work”

**We’d already built a pile as big as a VW bug before the party started. So these blow downs were added to that. It was a pretty big fire…

potato salad ruse

On sunday Neil and I went down to NH for my sister’s bridal shower. Everyone had planned a surprise bridal shower for her, and my birthday was the decoy. Everything worked so well, she didn’t have a clue it was coming. My mom and I had discussed on facebook about when I was driving down, what kind of cake I wanted, all the details, right in the open where she could see them. The best part was when she volunteered to bring some food.

My sister had been warned that the party could be any time. She’d even shown up for a friend’s child’s soccer game dressed nicely, just in case. So on sunday morning when she and her fiance were driving up I understand the conversation in the car went something like this:

“This isn’t my bridal shower, is it?”
“No, of course not.”
“Right, that makes sense. They wouldn’t ask me to bring potato salad to my own bridal shower.”

Except, of course, that we had! Muhahahaha….

The bridesmaids had done a wonderful job planning, and the party went off spectacularly. There were shower games and lots of food. Along with potato salad there were plenty of snacks, sandwiches, etc… And for dessert, oreo brownies, chocolate macaroon type things, cupcakes, and mini cherry cheesecakes.

After all that we hung out and had some quality family time. It was all capped off with birthday cake for my birthday.* I got the purple velvet cake which was an intense shade of purple that I’ve never seen in food before. Also it was very dense AND had cream cheese filling. I don’t need any more cake for quite awhile…

On an unrelated note. Thanks to everyone who participated in the 28% off sale! I believe I’ve sent all the refunds, so if you think you were supposed to get one, and didn’t. Please let me know! My e-mail should be on the bottom of the pattern (except the twist collective one) or you can comment here.

*that’s birthday cake, pumpkin pie, mini shower cakes, and more birthday cake if you’re keeping track.

too many parties

I’m suffering a serious sugar low, possibly combined with lack of sleep. In other words – I had a FABULOUS weekend! Allow me to sum up my first party photographically:






Happy Birthday!

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.
~Lucille Ball

It’s my birthday this weekend! September 12th in case you’re curious. I have a fabulous yarny birthday party planned for Saturday night. Another knitting friend has her birthday on the 13th so we’re throwing a party together. There will be food, friends, and of course, yarn!  And probably spinning as well! I’m really excited!!! Then on Sunday I’m going down to visit my family and having another birthday party. Seriously, my weekend is going to be FULL OF CAKE. It’s going to be awesome!

But it’s not just all about me this weekend. Since it’s my 28th birthday I’m offering 28% off my patterns for the rest of the weekend. So that means patterns for the Asters and Currants hats are both available for $2.88 and the La Moelle vest is only $4.32. The sale will continue from right now through the end of the weekend.*  The “buy now” buttons below will take you straight through to Paypal and the PDF will be sent to you automatically.

On top of that I’m going to offer a refund of 28% on my non-indie patterns (I may be setting myself up for craziness here, but bear with me)  If you buy one of my patterns from Knitpicks, Twist Collective, Sanguine Gryphon, or Tangled I’ll send you a refund (via paypal) Just forward me the e-mail that confirms your purchase.  I’ll start sending the refunds next week (because this weekend is about fun, not work) so you’ll need to be patient, especially if 80 bajillion knitters jump on board.  I dare you to make me wish I hadn’t given this offer.

So happy my-birthday to everyone!



river shot

Amidon mittens, Foote Brook socks, Jay hat ($0.55 refund)
Cambridge Cables ($1.96 refund)
Hyssop ($1.68 refund)
Hyde Park ($1.68 refund)

*technically monday morning since that’s when I’ll get around changing everything back again.