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Designs in progress

I have some designs in progress and I think they’re finally going to see daylight!

(Morning Walk – coming very soon)

I’ve mentioned a lot how busy life has been. That’s finally starting to slow down. There was a moving truck involved. Things are definitely looking up in the commuting department. I haven’t had much time for knitting, or design work. But that’s finally starting to change.

(Multiflorous socks)

The things I have knit this year have been of my own imagining. And now I’m starting to revisit them. Write them up. Check my notes, my photos, dig out my samples.

bunny back
(unnamed bunny hat)

Fall is coming. And new patterns will be here soon too! Watch this space!

wine mitt mug
(unnamed wine mitts)

All these items are potential new designs. Anything you’d especially love to see a pattern for? Consider signing up for my newsletter if you never want to miss a release!

(there’s a whole sweater dress like this)

Wine mitts

Here’s a project that has been languishing for months. I picked up this gorgeous skein or aran weight merino from Periwinkle Sheep at Rhinebeck last fall.

wine mitt mug

I cast on for the mitts in late winter, and was probably done knitting them by March.

wine mitt relaxed

So why, oh why, did I wait until August to weave in the ends?!? Who knows. But they’re done, finally. I squeezed in some photos yesterday afternoon while the light was good.

wine mitt close

Two mitts, long and cozy, with slightly offset cables. I love these little cables, the bigger twists are offset by little tight twists. The hands are designed long with twisted rib cuffs that can be folded back or up over the base of my fingers.

wine mitt pair

I used almost the full skein of yarn. Fingerless mitts are my perfect one skein project.

wine mitt hero

Winnie’s Vest

After a bit of an unexpected hiatus I’m super-excited to share Winnie’s Vest with you all!

winnie hood

The pattern is available in sizes ranging from newborn to childs’ size 8! Windsor is wearing the 12 month size in these photos, but she’s still wearing the vest now, at 21 months. Vests are a versatile children’s garment.

You can find the pattern details and yarn requirements on ravelry. The PDF is available there, or right here:

winnie preview

This vest is knit up in knitpicks wool of the andes – the superwash version. I don’t often work with superwash, but I bought this yarn specifically to make this vest and I have to say it’s pretty amazing stuff. She wore this vest all winter long, still wears it on cool summer days, and it still looks pretty much brand new. Well, it would if I blocked it once in awhile… But what I’m trying to say is the fabric hasn’t pilled at all, and holding up to the rough and tumble play of a toddler is EXACTLY what I needed from this yarn.

winnie back

Seriously, I don’t mind handwashing her stuff, but when it wears out unexpectedly fast I get sad…

What can I say about this vest? I started the project almost a year ago, back in August. Windsor was still just a crawling baby then and I wasn’t getting a lot of knitting time. It went into hibernation a couple of times and I finally finished it in December but didn’t want her to wear it until we’d had our photo shoot. Which didn’t happen until February. But after that she loved it, she’d actually dig it out of her bin of clothes and ask to wear the “sweawer” (that’s toddler-speak for sweater).

Winnie hero


Top chicken

chief roo

So cold redux

This morning was just too cold. My poor old car finally decided not to start*. I don’t know why, it’s started in colder weather earlier this winter.

But apparently this did not make it too cold for me to go stand outside IN A VEST and take photos of my newest hat**.


Which also provided me a chance to take photos of the frost that forms on individual hairs when your breath freezes to them.

*oversimplification. It started, go 4 minutes up the road, then died. Stupid diesel tricks. Don’t worry, we’re all home now…

**I’m done with book knitting, which means I’m knitting new things! But I still have lots of book computer work to do. Which means I’m just photographing and saving my notes. Someday I’ll have time to write and format patterns…



autumn moxy


back to summer

Lovely foliage shots last weekend, right? So hopefully you’ll really appreciate how much I was worried about this book photo shoot. See, this is July’s design… Yes, I’m running a bit behind schedule, let’s just blame that on the baby.


Anyway, we managed to find a good location in Montpelier. There was no foliage in the background, and the weather cooperated so the model wasn’t freezing cold. Calley rustled up some sweet little summery blooms, and even the lighting cooperated.

summery blooms

With that I’m finally ready to say goodbye to summer. Not that I have much choice at this point!

In unrelated news Hitch is officially released! This collection from Cooperative Press is all about patterns inspired by the Hitchcock films, including my 3 Second Kiss sweater. The blog tour has just started, including behind-the-scenes peaks and chances to win free copies. Here’s the schedule:

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round barn

Neil and I took the new camera out for a bit of a foliage tour this weekend!

elmore reflection

Things are mostly still orange, with touches of red peeking through.

maple path

And we still have a fair amount of green.

foggy valley

But it was a gorgeous fall weekend, and driving around is a good way for a very pregnant lady to see the foliage.

grass seed

Better than trying to go for a hike anyway.

hillside farm

Playing with my new camera

It’s getting pretty and autumnal in my front yard


little trees

old sunflowers

red leaves

Jake at sunset small


YOU GUYS! I have such exciting news!!

new DSLR

I got a new fancy camera!! It was over a year ago that I started playing with my friend (and co-author) Calley’s DSLR camera. And it was awesome. And I quickly decided I needed one of my own. I accepted pretty quickly that I was going to get a Nikon, since that’s the interface I was learning. And I’ve been saving for the camera ever since. I got a Nikon 3200. If you’re looking at getting a camera of your own I recommend you look at the reviews on Ken Rockwell’s site.

I actually bought a 50mm lens that was compatible with both my friend’s camera and the current models for the book photography. That’s the best kind of lens for both food shots and knitting patterns. That’s the lens that give the gorgeous blurriness in shots like this one:

ondulation hand perspective

That kind of shot is much MUCH harder to get with my standard point and shoot. I’ve been doing ALL my design photography with a basic, Kodak Z915 for all this time. I even re-did some patterns shot with an even older camera with that little model.

So yeah. You can expect some much prettier design photos in the future! And also, much prettier blog photos. I mean, look at that one in the mirror. That was taken after sunset without a flash. Do you know what would happen if I tried that with the point and shoot? Blurry fuzziness would happen, that’s what. This camera is so, SO cool.