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Gift Along 2016

It’s just about thanksgiving which means we, the few, the crafty, are already thinking about holiday knitting. For the (third? fourth?? I can’t keep track oh well) something-th year running I’ll be participating in the Indie Designer’s Gift-Along! That Ravelry link will give you all the details. But in a nut-shell it goes like this:

  • Participating designers have patterns on sale from tonight to November 30th.
  • Knit Alongs will be hosted for all types of projects with prizes for participation, random give aways, and other special categories.
  • Prizes! Digital patterns, physical yarn, books, notions. This part is big because we’re pooling our resources. You should really check out the prize list.

To find which patterns are on sale for the next week(ish) you can check out the group bundles and pinterest boards (here). Or see the designer’s bundles (here).

I’ve got 15 designs which will be 25% off as part of the sale! From 8pm (EST) tonight through midnight on the 30th use the code giftalong2016 to get the discount. This is my biggest annual sale and I hope you like the selection this year. I tried to mix old and new, small and large projects so there should be something for everyone! 


So warm up those needles, dig through your stash, and happy knitting!

Mail list!

I’m starting up a mail list for my designs! I won’t be spammy, I promise. Sign up for this list if you want to know when a design comes out, or when a club design becomes available to the public.

Or – for instance – if there’s a one day sale on a pattern that you don’t want to miss (like what happened on monday, for example) I’ll occasionally be offering discounts just for mailing list members too!

If I haven’t got anything new for an entire month I hope to also feature finished objects from my designs by other knitters. But I promise, it’ll all be design related!

Interested? Sign up here!

Root Cellar sale

Have you been following the 30 Days project I mentioned back at the start of the month? Well today is my day! I’m happy to offer Root Cellar at 50% off – but for today only!

root cellar 1

Just use the coupon code “30dayproject” (no quotes) during checkout and the discount will be applied to your purchase!

vest buttoned

Why Root Cellar? Well I love this classic vest (in fact, I’ve loved my sample almost to pieces…) It has my signature waist and bust shaping, and it makes use of two very different yarns that complement each other well. The colors I’ve chosen are rustic and autumnal but it works equally well in many other colors (as you can see from the Ravelry projects page)

shoulders and collar

Also, be sure to follow along at The Loop to see the other exciting designers that are playing along this month!

30 Days

Welcome to November! Have you heard of the 30 Days project yet? Let me tell you! The Loop (a LYS down in Massachusetts) is organizing this project between indie designers and YOU. For the next month they’ll be featuring another designer every day. Each designer will be offering a pattern 50% off for just that day.

One day this month will be my turn, but in the mean time check out the 30 Days hath November project over on The Loop blog and at the Fringe Association.

Happy Birthday!

I have approximately ONE sale you can count on each year, and it’s time! It’s my birthday, but I have a present for all of you

boyden preview

31% off all my self published patterns! Can you guess how old I am this year?

Ondulation preview

The sale applies only to my indie designs, you can see all the options right here. No codes are necessary, just buy the pattern and the discount will be automatically applied!

stammel preview

This sale applies to my ebook of hand patterns too! For a short time you can get all NINE patterns for $12.42

tea time preview

The sale will run from noon EDT today until noon on Friday. (My birthday is Thursday, the 12th, in case you were wondering.)


This isn’t really a blog post so much as a public service announcement, if you haven’t had a chance to sign up for the What (else) Would Madame DeFarge Knit? e-mail list yet be aware! The first e-mail has already gone out. (but don’t worry, there’s still more goodness to come, so you can sign up now) There will be prizes and book details and all kinds of exciting tidbits! So get on the list, even I did it! (yay peer pressure!)

And also, if you were intrigued by the sneak peak I posted earlier, you should REALLY check out the preview photo Cooperative Press has added to Ravelry for my Iseult’s Dress Mmmm….. cables….


Stacey over at Knit Picks (yes, that knitpicks) gave me a shout out this week. In fact she’s suggested you nominated me in the About.com Reader’s Choice Awards.

I’m completely floored and feel very honored. I don’t know how me and my knitting projects (and my chickens) earned this. It’s a good thing this is a blog so you can’t see me blush. If you’re interested in voting I would be even more honored. Maybe I could be convinced to post embarrassing pictures of me blushing bright red or something…

Ramble on…

If you’ve been reading for any amount of time you’ve probably heard me mention on and off how I’m working on improving my photography. Well this last year I feel like I’ve made some major improvements! And with the gift giving season coming up I was thinking it’d be fun to share some of my work with my family. One thing lead to another, and I ended up designing a little calendar:

Calender cover

I’m actually pretty proud of this. I only started using the fancy layout software last spring. This calendar projects was a fun thing that combined my new layout skills and my new photography skills and I think the whole thing came out really well.

calender sample spread

Each month has a feature photo and a little photo. The calendar includes all the standard bits: previews of last month and next month, holidays, phases of the moon…

calender back page

The content is more of what you see here, there’s knitting and some other crafts, views from around Vermont, from my garden, and even some chickens!

And since I’m using MagCloud to print some copies for gifts it’s easy for me to make the calender available to you as well. If you’d like a little sampler of Vermont to hang on your wall click on over and help yourself!


I’ve noticed something. When somebody finishes one of my designs and puts a bunch of pictures up in ravelry or on their blog – whatever pattern that is gets more attention from other knitters.

(my cocktail hour cuffs, knit by Crafting Crone)

Seems like a logical connection, right? One person enjoys a pattern and so other people are drawn to it. I’d like to encourage this behavior so I have a proposition for you:

I would like to give you free patterns, in exchange for decent finished object photography.

What you get:
two of my pattern PDFs, absolutely free
my undying gratitude

What I need from you:
Good quality finished object photography, uploaded to ravelry and/or your blog.

The details:
You can pick any of my independently released patterns. If I get enough* volunteers for a single pattern I’ll ask you to choose something else. I currently have 23 indie patterns available online (ravelry link). These ones, my knitpicks patterns, and the individual releases of my hand patterns. These are the only patterns I can offer for free.

Send me an e-mail listing what pattern you’d like to knit and let me know about how long you’ll think you need to finish. I’m not looking for speed knitters, but I want to see the results in a reasonable amount of time. Also send me a link to your other project photography: Ravelry, flickr, your blog, where ever you’ve got pictures online. Ideally you know your way around a camera and can take decent outdoor (camera flashes wash out knitting badly) photos. Show off your stuff!

We’ll come to a mutually agreed upon timeline and I’ll e-mail you the PDF for your chosen project. You can pick your own yarn, your own color, it’s YOUR project after all. You’re free to modify the project as long as the casual knitter can tell the finished object came from my pattern that’s great! You’re free to make any comments you want on the pattern. Whether you love it or hate it: let the world know.

Once you’ve uploaded your finished object photography I’ll drop the PDF for that project into your ravelry library** AND I’ll send you a coupon for one free PDF of your choice – to use whenever you want.

Sounds like a good deal? Check out my pattern lists above and send me a note at:
becky(dot)herrick(at)gmail(dot)com – replace the () etc…

*not sure what “enough” looks like yet, that’s to be decided.
**or, if you’re not on ravelry, I’ll add you to the list of pattern buyers so that if I ever need to update the PDF you’ll get an automatic update notice.

lousy sales pitch

Last night I shirked all kinds of duties to play around on the computer. I’ve had it in my head for awhile to create my own knitting gift tags. There’s lots of good options out there, like these from Knitterlla, or these from Knit Love if you just want to download and print them yourself (who doesn’t love instant gratification?)

But no, I wanted to try my hand at making my own. I figured I could do this in Adobe and I’d be learning more about the software. Learning is good, right? I wanted to make something akin to the jar top labels I linked to earlier in the year.

Possibly I bit off more than I could chew. Maybe I shouldn’t assume that something an adobe expert can pull off will be easy to teach myself. But after futzing around all evening I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to embed text boxes which could be edited later. Well, I could figure out how to do it if I didn’t mind the DMV form look, but I kinda do mind.

So instead I ended up with these:
mediocre gift tags

They’re not bad, I guess. And I can edit them in the software to print anything I want in the text boxes. But I thought I was going to share my awesome, editable tags with the world, and instead I’m left sharing my mediocre, fixed-wording tags with the world. Sorry world…

I can already see some things I’d change for next time. A) it might be fun to get some color in there. Right now I’m just telling myself black and white is more stately (maybe I can add color later with markers?) B) I should have made larger inside margins for cutting along. As it is we’ve got 1/2 margins on two sides of the tags and MUCH SKINNY margins on the other two. Which makes for extra scissor work… C) Those flourishes? I don’t really like them. They’re pre-programmed stuff, and I think I like my hand drawn embroidery and knitting stitches better…

So, if you like my mediocre gift tags, feel free to download them! The file is two pages. Print on the front and back of the same page and you’ll get gift tag space on the front as well as space for writing your materials and washing directions on the back. But I won’t be offended if you go download some of those professional looking tags I linked to up top…

gift tag pdf download

click the image to download the pdf