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get used to it

It looks like there’ll be a lot of spinning photos between now and July 24th (the end of the tour de fleece)

Last night I finished up the mohair blend, and since I didn’t feel like setting up the wheel to ply, I started a little white montadale on a little golding spindle

TdF day 5

The white will be for heels and toes on a set of bright green hand spun socks I see in my future :-)

I am still knitting (it’s hard to spin on the bus) but it’s a secret:

baby knitting

TdF days 1-3

The Tour de Fleece (on ravelry, or flickr if you want) started on the 2nd! For those of you (most of you?) who aren’t spinners – this tour is a spin-along that runs along side the other tour (that’d be the Tour de France – which I don’t even watch, but whatever) Spinners everywhere set goals and spin along in their own personal races. My goal for the tour is simply to spin every day (which will have me spinning about 6.5 days per week more than usual)

On the 2nd I took my new spindle project along to the bowling alley for a friends birthday party:

bowling and spinning

And then on the 3rd I got a little spinning in the morning before a hike, and then again at the end of the day before the fireworks. I took my spindle along to the fireworks, but it’s hard to spin in the dark while sitting on the ground…

Monday we had a bit of a bbq with some friends. And I was spinning while grilling:

grilling and spinning

Which works pretty well since the grill smells will all get washed out when I set the twist anyway!

The project underway is about 6 ounces of a montadale/romney/mohair blend. I started with 2oz of kid mohair locks in that gorgeous cranberry red (bought from a local farm!) I divided it into thirds and paired each lump with approximately equal amounts of my white montadale fleece and grayish/brown romney. I put everything through the drum carder until it was almost completely blended. I’ve got 6 batts. By the end of the first three days two batts are spun and the third is my goal for this evening:


The next three will go on my other 1oz spindle – and I’ll probably ply them on a wheel just to change things up.