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What I’m wearing: purple and teal

Well I almost never talk about what I’m wearing (I think I predicted that when I started using this tag) But I was just so proud of myself this morning when I figured out I could wear these colors together

purple and teal

The teal top is my version of the Petal Halter pattern from Interweave’s spring 2009 issue. It’s far and away the most favorited project I’ve uploaded to Ravelry. And yet I rarely wear it because it’s too cold in my office for a sleeveless top and this top is too fancy to wear gardening…

I’m wearing it with a store-bought (gasp!) cardigan. This is my concession to the fad of these cardigans with the extra fabric around the front/collar. I love the way they look, but I’m unlikely to knit one. I like to knit sweaters with a timeless look, and I have yet to hear a convincing argument that sweaters with random flaps of fabric are going to become timeless. Not to mention that all that extra fabric means a LOT more knitting then a sweater with a more classic look…

So in the mean time I’m enjoying my store bought cardi. And I like that I can wear it with my teal top. I asked Neil this morning if I could wear teal and purple and he gave the best, safest, response I’ve ever heard. He said, “well, that’ll depend on which shoes you choose.”

Seriously, why can’t I think that quickly on my feet?

purple and teal 2

This odd pose brought to you by the fact that I backed into the support strand for a spider web, and suddenly feared that Aragog was going to drop from the eaves of my chicken coop. At least he would’ve been caught on camera…

Then since I was so pleased with my outfit I decided to do up my hair! I’ve read that fancy braids are coming back into style*. Since I have great hair for fancy braids I figure I should put it to use. It’s not like I get to be stylish very often… This crown braid is a french braid. It works surprisingly well with my thin hair using a trick I learned on Pinterest. I start the braid behind one ear and work around the back of my head first. Thus by the time the braid reaches the front where it frames my face it is full and thick. I’ve been practicing and finally I’ve gotten to the point where I can wear this outside the house. I still need some practice pulling the sections of hair evenly, but I’m getting there!

*If I repeat this across the internet frequently enough it’ll become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

what I’m wearing: pants!

I bet you’re all really glad to hear I’m wearing pants today* but these aren’t just any pants:

high school pants

Nope, these fabulously flared pants are High School Pants. They surfaced from the back of my old closet earlier this month while I was helping my mom clear out clutter.

I’ve been saying for years that I’m still wearing the same sized pants as high school. This IN SPITE of the fact that the clothing industry keeps changing the number on the tag of the pants I buy. In case you’re curious, the pants I got for christmas this year say “Size 4” on the tag. These pants say “Size 12” Whatever stupid fashion industry, you’re just making it harder for me to figure out what size to try on…

These pants are still in pretty good shape. They got put away when I went to college because that was about the time I decided I really couldn’t wear white clothing without getting stains everywhere. I still feel that way, but I can occasionally pull off something cream colored (if I’m careful.) But those 60-esque bell bottom flairs seemed a little over the top to me.

modified pants

So I did a little alteration over the weekend, and now I have a new pair of work pants! The sewing job isn’t as great as it looks from a distance. The CORRECT way to have done this would’ve involved picking out the double folded seam (same as on most jeans) on one side and taking a little bit of fabric off each edge of the pant leg. But That seamed** like too much work. So I just pinned, sewed, and cut all the excess fabric off one edge. This means that from the knee to the cuff the fabric is now slightly biased. It’s not a problem when I’m wearing them. But the bias makes the material curl just enough that they can’t be folded perfectly flat. Ironing these pants would be a nightmare. Good thing I never iron pants…

*as opposed to not-wearing-pants, which could be problematic.
**HA! It was a typo, but I’m totally leaving it in!

Rhinebeck Eve

I’m going to Rhinebeck this weekend!! (In case you somehow managed to miss my excitement) Today qualifies as Rhinebeck Eve because tomorrow afternoon I load into a car full of fibery friends and we hit the road – which is the start of my Rhinebeck, even if I don’t set foot on the fairgrounds that day…

If you’re going too, and you see me, come on up and say hi! I’m playing Rhinebeck Bingo again this year, so I’m fully prepared for random internet friends and strange knitters* to introduce themselves to me. If you’re not already signed up it’s too late to be a square, but you can still get a card and play along! I’ll also have more 10% pattern discount cards for people who come say hi.

I have my food all planned. I’m bringing instant oatmeal – it’s actually my favorite hotel breakfast food. You can make the hot water using the coffee pot that just about every hotel room provides. When I’m traveling a lot I like instant oatmeal way more than yet-another-restaurant-meal because it turns out I dislike eating at restaurants every single meal for days on end… Also, because oatmeal in the morning keeps more money in the yarn budget (priorities)

I also have my outfits planned. I’ll be wearing my Rhinebeck Sweater on Saturday:

gwen 3

and my Root cellar vest on Sunday:

roots unbuttoned

I’ll probably also be sporting a hat, maybe some fingerless mitts, hand knit socks, a shawl if it gets chilly. Yep, I’ll be the one wearing excessive knitwear even for a sheep and wool festival. Ok, maybe that still describes half the crowd…

*Strange knitters: also know as friends waiting to happen.

New Skirt!

Back in April I picked up some fabric that I had plans to use for a skirt. This weekend I combined that blue and brown fabric with a delightfully vintage pattern (from my mom’s basement)

vintage pattern

And whipped up a quick skirt. The pattern is very VERY simple with a modified 3/4’s of a circle for the body, a waistband, and a pocket. I followed the pattern with the exception of adding more contrasting fabric along the bottom edge first.

new skirt

The printed fabric is a linen rayon blend which is heavier than most of the cottons in my stash. Add to that the fact that another print was NOT going to work well, and I was a bit flummoxed on what to use. I was standing in the fading daylight trying to match some solid color to the print when I realized that the blue was just the same color as faded denim. And since I’m horrible at throwing out worn jeans, I have a pretty good supply of faded denim as long as you can make due with the bits of fabric below the holes in the knees.

So I patched together strips the same width as the waistband to trim the ends and lower edge of the wrap around skirt. I sewed it together with the right side of the denim against the wrong side of the linen so I could fold it over and have both right sides facing and the raw edges all inside* I added ribbon along the edge, and then it was just a matter of attaching the pocket and waistband. Seriously, this would have been a much quicker project if I didn’t go modifying it…

in the details

But I think the little details make it look so nice! The dragonflies are a bonus. They’re leftover from a much older stenciling project. The jeans wore out and have been in the scrap heap for at least a year. I’m glad I was able to rescue them to decorate my new skirt!

all in good fun

A little shorter, worn lower on the hips, and in a large print fabric: I think this skirt updates pretty well! Also, the headscarf made an excellent ear cover to help keep the blackflies away while gardening all weekend.

*did that hurt your brain? It’s ok, I did it wrong the first time and had to seam rip the lower edge aka the longest seam in the whole *@&$ project…

What I’m wearing: cosmetic edition

Today, I’m wearing layers:

wearing layers

because the weather guys SAID it was going to be sunny and cool, but then when I woke up it was cloudy, and I was afraid it’d be even cooler, and I hate my cold, cold office. The top is my modified version of A Little Something, one of my 12 sweaters in 12 months from last year (I had to have some quick knits in that project) I wear it All The Time in spring when I’m looking for transitional clothes. I should knit another lacy, vesty, sort of thing.

The other thing I’m wearing, is makeup:

i almost never wear makeup

I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup, but as I’m doing more modeling for my own patterns I’m starting to feel like having it available wouldn’t hurt. But I hate the idea of all the chemicals in regular makeup, so I’ve been exploring alternatives. I’ve been using, and loving, burts bees shampoo for years, and so I tried their tinted chapstick. It’s awesome. Suddenly I own it in three different colors.*

I got a free sample of Sweet Libertine mineral eye shadow in a package from the Sanguine Gryphon yarn company. The purple and rose seem to go together pretty well, and I’m getting a (free) larger set from them soon – in fact it looks like they still have some free packs left. (you do have to pay shipping) Most recently I picked up some mineral foundation at my local hippy/health food store where they carry Christina’s Natural Qualities.

All of these versions of makeup don’t contain chemicals like parabens or phthalates which was my goal. But they also have the benefit of being very light and not feeling all clingy. So that’s good enough for me! Along with all that, I’ve been wearing Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab perfumes for quite awhile. So that’s nothing new for me, but also on the “no weird ingredients” cosmetics list. The best thing about them is that they don’t make my mom sneeze. She’s highly sensitive to most commercial fragrances – except it turns out it’s the carriers she can’t handle. The natural oils and scents don’t bother her.

And finally, I’m wearing my home made deodorant. I got together with some friends and had a “not a stinky hippy party” last saturday and we made deodorant using the recipe from Angry Chicken.


I love this stuff and am so glad to have more of it! Mine is scented with tea tree and lavender essential oils because that’s what my friend used when she made some and introduced me to it. But one of my friends had a bunch of other essential oils and since we were making 9 pots of the stuff:


we had lots to experiment on. She made some for her fiance with cedarwood, rosewood, and pine- and DEAR LORD I think all men should smell like that stuff.

*three might not seem like a lot to some people, but given that before I owned zero lip stick, this is new and different for me.

What I’m wearing – green

I’ve seen this “what I’m wearing” thing on a few other blogs. At first I laughed at the idea, I have so little sense of fashion, why would anyone care what I’m wearing? Then I pondered it. After all, it’d give me a chance to look back on older knitting and sewing projects. I can tell you about the ways I mix-and-match a wardrobe that I suspect is smaller than average.* And it’d give you all a chance to laugh at how little fashion sense I have for someone who calls herself a “designer” Win-win-win, right?

wearing green

So today I’m wearing green. My Dulce sweater with a green camisole underneath and my green danskos. My dulce sweater really needs something under it when I wear it to work. And I was looking sadly at my green camisole because the V in the front is just as deep as the dulce V. BUT! Then I realized the back is a nice straight line…

tag what tag

Yup, I’m wearing it backwards under my sweater…

leaf necklace

Even my necklace is green. It’s a handmade little thing that I bought off a LJ raffle years and YEARS ago – as in, I’m not sure Etsy was even in existence at the time… The box says Butterfly Rose Creations on it, but the LJ hasn’t been updated since 2008 and the facebook group is stagnant since 2010. Too bad, because I’d buy another silver leaf necklace if I could find one…

*I heard on (I think it was NPR, one of their silly weekend shows, but still) that the average american has 7 pairs of jeans. I own 7 pairs of pants TOTAL: 4 work pairs, two pairs of jeans, and a set of capris.

New favorite color?

When I was a kid purple was my favorite color. As I got older I switched to blue, and in college I decided green was better. I appear to be trending towards earthier and earthier colors. Why? Because today I decided this is my new favorite outfit.

new favorite outfit

Brown. With a little russety, garnet red. I think my new shoes really pull everything together.

(I’m also a big fan of browns and greens, or browns and blues.)