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wine weekend

I joke with Neil that the reason I make wine and not beer is that wine can be forgotten about for months. I didn’t realize how true this was until I pulled out my little notebook today and discovered that two of these wines were re-racked* LAST YEAR on the MLK weekend…

wine prep

So today I bottled not one, or two, but THREE varieties of wine. The first was an apple/tart cherry that I started in 2009. The other two a black current/blackberry wine and a rose petal wine both started in 2010.

Easily the most time consuming process of bottling is cleaning up the bottled. This wouldn’t take so long if I didn’t insist on scraping off the old labels.

clean bottles

But I think they look so nice all properly cleaned up and ready to hold my fruit wines. Once the bottles are clean and sterile I siphon the wine into them, cork the tops, and let them sit. Next weekend (hopefully? If I remember) I’ll seal the tops with wax.

Ideally I should let the wine ferment on the fruit for a week, siphon into a secondary for 2-4 months, and then siphon into another secondary (tertiary?) for the last 6-10 months. Once bottled the wine would continue to improve for another 6-12 months.

In this case I’d guess the wines probably spent so long in the tertiary fermenters that they’re ready to drink whenever I want!

*transferred into clean bottles to allow sediment to filter out.

Drinkable harvest

Neil got some hop rhizomes from a friend last year:

picking hops

And this year we have hops! Willamettes for those in the know.


I got an elderberry shrub this spring,


And a domestic variety later this summer.

elderberry shrub

And while they’re too small to produce many berries, it allowed me to positively ID a HUGE shrub right near my house. So now those berries are fermenting on the kitchen counter.

elderberry wine

Arsnic free*, I promise.

*brownie points for getting my literary reference.