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The weather has been TOO¬†weird this month. We’ve had no snow, very little cold, and some really weird freezing fog.

foggy rosehip

I’m not complaining, because we’re putting in a new leachfiled* soon. And it’s not the sort of thing you choose to do in the middle of winter, unless you can’t avoid it. Since our current system is TOO old it is on the way out, and we can’t avoid it. But if the snow holds off so we don’t have to dig through it – that’d be really nice.

Maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe the world is TOO crazy, and you haven’t. But I’ve been a bit withdrawn. I’ve been spending less time on social media; even less time on Ravelry. Windsor has been very TWO these days. And with sleep issues, and learning how to use the word no, and all the joys and struggles that go with a toddler – my evenings have been consumed.

foggy cedar

But it’s not just the TWO year old. I’ve been spending TOO much time cleaning, packing, and trying to keep this house real-estate ready. Moving sucks. It’s stressful and emotional and time consuming, and slow. TOO MUCH.

And since the world has been TOO crazy it has felt pretty good to pull back, to focus on what is needed, and let the rest slide on by. I hope you don’t mind. I’m still here, just taking things at a slower pace, so I don’t put TOO much of myself into anything I can’t sustain.

foggy weed

To that end, the December Knit-Along for my book is going to be postponed. I haven’t had a lot of interesting and I’ve had even less time. I am shifting gears, downshifting, we’ll do chapter knit-alongs every other month. The Periwinkle Sheep fans are looking forward to January’s sweater already. And we’ll come back to December next year, so no loss – we’re just spreading out the book love so it’ll last longer.

So for the rest of the month I’m paring back. I will post when I have knitting to share, but not TOO much. No stress. I hope you’ll be kind to yourself as well. Take this holiday season to slow down, calm down, share some love, donate to charity, whatever it is that makes you happy. There’s TOO much anger and stress out there. Everybody breath. Take in the fog.

foggy seedhead

Our path will come clear, eventually.

*a leachfield is where all the household waste water goes, when you live in a rural place, like most of Vermont…


Back to life

I’m coming down hard after a wonderful weekend high. We had a little designers’ retreat here in Vermont so I got to see (and meet) online friends in person, spend the whole weekend knitting and chatting. Oh, and I slept all night without a baby waking me up. I didn’t break out the camera often, so I’m going to borrow from a few friends (oh, and I’m on Instagram now – I’ve been in denial for a bit. But if you’re over there I’ve got my usual user name: BeckyinVT)

The lodge is gorgeous in the winter. We had snowshoeing, sunshine, and a beautiful fire place to curl up in front of with our knitting. The food at the lodge was absolutely amazing, they even make their own granola:


And the evening’s entertainment was hilarious, if not entirely appropriate for polite company. At least we were all able to relax!



snowman in the february sun



Maybe we should buy a sled


Stick season

I hope you’ve enjoyed stick season – or if you’re just tolerating it, good news, I’m done now. Stick season is wrapping up too, outside the first snowfall of the winter is drifting down out of the sky.

snowy dog

I think stick season is under appreciated. Autumn foliage is gorgeous, but it flares, burns brightly, and dies out almost as quickly. The season of fall is really longer than that. It starts when the trees still look like summer and the last of the garden is being harvested. And it wraps up now (or sometime in November – usually) when the snow ushers in winter. Stick season fills as much of autumn as foliage season, and it can be just a beautiful if you look for it. Attentive mindfulness helps me to find the pretty parts of stick season. And I think that practice of mindfulness is great for a lot of things in life.

And now, I’m going to have to figure out what else to feature on wordless wednesdays. Photography is a lot harder when I’m at work during all the daylight hours…

more mittens

These are the mittens that took forever (Pinales, pattern available!). I started them back in January. I think the first pair were knit in a weekend, but this pair took 2.5 months.

forest pinales

Honestly since March started I kept waiting for spring be around the corner. I figured I didn’t really need to finish them before fall, right?

forest pinales 3

Well, it was -6F Monday morning, -4F Tuesday morning, it snowed on Wednesday. Oh and this morning? It was a toasty 2F ABOVE zero.

So in honor of the winter that Just. Won’t. End. Here’s my third pair of Pinales mittens. These are knit up in Peace Fleece instead of Bartlett. Otherwise I just stuck to the pattern. It’s a sign of how sleep deprived I am that I changed. Nothing.

Maybe now that I’ve finally finished these mittens spring will come? Please?

forest pinales 2

Too early


Up. Breakfast. Kick up the wood stove.


Get the dogs out to pee. Pack lunch.


Stuff Windsor in the moby. Round up the dogs for a pre-dawn morning walk.


In the car and headed for work.



No wonder I prefer mornings when Neil can walk the dogs…

Two headed monster vest!

Did you know this is a thing?? It’s a vest to wear over myself and Windsor when we go on hikes!


I’ve been wearing her in a moby and/or woven wrap a lot. (For those of you not keeping up with the baby trends – these are all various lengths of cloth that I can use to tie her to myself)

But there’s always this gap exposing my neck and hers. And it can be tricky to zip us both inside a coat. So this vest solves those problems! Extra fabric in the front, two collars, extra zippers, and when it’s really cold I wear a coat over this as well.


Windsor seems to like it too!

So cold redux

This morning was just too cold. My poor old car finally decided not to start*. I don’t know why, it’s started in colder weather earlier this winter.

But apparently this did not make it too cold for me to go stand outside IN A VEST and take photos of my newest hat**.


Which also provided me a chance to take photos of the frost that forms on individual hairs when your breath freezes to them.

*oversimplification. It started, go 4 minutes up the road, then died. Stupid diesel tricks. Don’t worry, we’re all home now…

**I’m done with book knitting, which means I’m knitting new things! But I still have lots of book computer work to do. Which means I’m just photographing and saving my notes. Someday I’ll have time to write and format patterns…

so. cold.

That polar vortex? We only got the edge of it. But that was just one of several cold spells this winter. How cold is it?

Perfectly good cars (gas cars newer than my ’98 diesel) didn’t start

Boiling water freezes into snow when you toss it into the air (no kidding, my favorite weather guys put up a photo)

We stoked the stove in the morning, the sun shone all day long, and the oil backup heat still had to kick in before I got home from work

Cold enough to freeze soap bubbles (I have got to try this one)

Frost forms on the inside door hinges

Frost forms on your eyelashes while walking the dogs

Frost forms on the inside panes of the window

At least frost is pretty


For the record it was -22F Tuesday night. Wednesday we had a high of -6F on Wednesday. That’s right. A high temp below zero in full sun. It is a cold, lying sun this time of year.