Grandfather Clock

grandfather clock face

Grandfather Clock is the fourth pattern released for my Time on my Hands e-book. These extremely basic gloves are perfect for knitters who’ve never tried gloves before. The simple styling is equally well appreciated by men who don’t want anything fancy on their hands. You can favorite and queue them on Ravelry.

grandfather clock glove

The pattern is written in three sizes: 8 (9.25, 10)”/20.5 (23.5, 25.5) cm hand circumference. These are larger sizes since the glove is designed for men, however the smallest size should fit women as well. I think the slipped stitch ribbing in the cuffs would look pretty neat worked up in a more playful colorway. In this manly colorway the slipped stitch ribbing provides for a snug cuff that keeps the chill out and has just a little extra warmth to it.

grandfather clock cuff

The mitts are worked in Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, in their feldspar colorway. You’ll need 234-345 yards depending on the size you choose. In order to make the colors line up I had to find the same starting point in each of the two skeins, so keep that in mind if you’re subbing yarns.

grandfather clock preview

The pattern is available on it’s own for $4 or as part of the e-book collection which gives a significant savings over buying the patterns individually. Clicking the button above will take you to an automated paypal checkout where you can pay with credit/debit card or paypal balance. The download will automatically be e-mailed to you, and added to your Ravelry library if you have an account there. Thanks to Ravelry for making this feature available to members and non-members alike!

grandfather clock winding


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