Time on my Hands

Time on my Hands is my new e-book! This pattern collection is all about hands: gloves, mittens, fingerless mitts, and wrist warmers. Every pattern will have a name and tie-in with the book’s theme – time. Clocks, time pieces, and times of day will be featured through the patterns. With patterns for men, women, and children as well as cables, lace, colorwork, and texture there will be a little something for everyone. There will be 9 original patterns which works out to a little less than two per month (as I’m still working up some of the patterns, I need to leave myself time in the release schedule – just in case)

cover page

The patterns will be released starting with Play Time and finishing up this autumn. I’ll release about two patterns a month and the updated PDF will be sent to everyone who has purchased the collection.

book preview

The collection is available for $18.00. Each pattern will also be available individually, however the e-book is a significant savings. Clicking the button above will take you to an automated paypal checkout where you can pay with credit/debit card or paypal balance. The download will automatically be e-mailed to you, and added to your Ravelry library if you have an account there. Thanks to Ravelry for making this feature available to members and non-members alike!

To see the detail on each design, click through to its page, or visit the collection on Ravelry.


Play Time
play time 3
Individual PDF $4
Yarn: Valley Yarns, Valley Superwash DK
Bewitching Hour
hands on time
Individual PDF $5
Yarn: Quince & Co, Chickadee
Sun Dial
sun dial
Individual PDF $4
Yarn: Green Mountain Spinnery Wonderfully Woolly
Grandfather Clock
grandfather gloves
Individual PDF $4
Yarn: Crystal Palace Mini Mochi
Tea Time
tea time
Individual PDF $5
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter
Individual PDF $4
Yarn: Harrisville Designs Shetland
Cocktail Hour
Individual PDF $4
Yarn: Ball and Skein Glissade
Cuckoo Clock
cuckoo clock
Individual PDF $5
Yarn: Yarn Love Diana
Digital Age
digital age
Available only in the ebook
Yarn: Schaefer Chris

23 responses to “Time on my Hands

  1. I would love to make the the tea time as they would be perfect to where in office on cold winter days

  2. Love Tea Time, so beautiful!!

  3. victoria verdick

    I would love to try the digital age warmers! They look like they would be nice and warm and I would like to try the color changes.

  4. Sun dial and Tea Time, definitely! I couldn’t pick just one and frankly, I really like ’em all!

  5. I love the digital age warmers!

  6. Tea time! Lily of the Valley pattern like the estonian shawl I’m knitting. Beautiful!

  7. The Cocktail Hour wristers are sublime! If I don’t win it, I’ve got to get it anyway! :D Great designs, Becky!

  8. Can’t wait to make Tea Time for my neighbor who always has cold hands. There’s not a better way to spend my time.

  9. these patterns are great, I want to make the cocktail hour wristers for me!

  10. after last year’s horrendous winter in New England, the warmers are ideal when coming in from the cold

  11. My daughters office is really cold…all the time. She needs a wardrobe of fingerless mitts!

  12. There is really never enough time is there, but for this book I’d sure make it ;-)

  13. Some really nice looking patterns there!

  14. Those Brooklyn Tweed Shelter gloves would be perfect for my daughter for Christmas!

  15. love fingerless gloves and mittens as gifts, always looking for new ideas

  16. Especially love the fingerless gloves… what a great collection of patterns!

  17. Debbie Thurmond

    My favorite is the Cocktail Hour! Just gorgeous!

  18. I think that these patterns will be great fun to make for Christmas presents. Creative & classy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. Lovely accessories from the perfect yarn……MOCHI!!!! And I love the flat eared kitty!!! or folded eared kitty?

  20. Where do we leave comment to win the book?
    I’d love to win it!

    • As of this evening you can still enter to win at the Just on more Row podcastreview that one is done tomorrow though! You can also enter to win a copy on the Crystal Palace page .

  21. I would love to win time on my hands,it would be great to have “time”on my hands!!!!

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