Never hurts to ask

The night before the NY Sheep and Wool festival includes a growing number of attractions. This year I picked up some lip balm, scented oil, and lanolin hand balm from Tuft Woolens.

The lanolin hand balm is amazing. It soaks in well and isn’t too sticky, so I can put it on at work. And the black orchid scent is amazing. The only problem (and this may not be a problem for everyone) is that it comes in that little plastic dispenser.

Plastic is not my thing.

So I worked up the courage to email, and ask if she sells the balm in any other format? The answer that came back from Martha was “not officially” but she offered to pour a lotion bar just for me! I happily accepted her generous offer. And now I have a gorgeous 2oz bar of my favorite lotion ever. It’s seriously pretty.

And it came packaged in paper and tied up with string. Perfect.

2 responses to “Never hurts to ask

  1. Never hurts to ask <3 How generous of them though!

  2. Love it!!!

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