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Moving on

Big changes, my pretty and loyal rooster has gone home. He’s back at the farm where he hatched. I’m so glad he recovered, he was even back to crowing before we sent him home. I’m sure he was lonely here by himself. I miss eating our own eggs. And I miss watching the silly birds run around. But given the uncertainty in our future housing it just makes sense, not having chickens right now. Windsor clearly misses them too, she keeps talking about our sick rooster going to another farm to get better.

Not having to worry about the free ranging flock will make our next project easier.


The landscaper is putting in our lawn, over the leach field we installed last winter. He’ll also scrape up all those brambles and saplings. We’re finally putting in the wildflowers we intended to plant over five years ago¬†(apparently I could have a tag for blog posts of large earthmoving equipment in my front yard.)


And my pretty sunflower kitchen has been normalized.

We’ve had our house on the market since November, and if we don’t sell in the next month we’ve decided to rent it out and find a place to rent ourselves. We need to move before next winter. Wish us luck.


Oh. And I knit a whole sock! More on that later.



The weather has been TOO¬†weird this month. We’ve had no snow, very little cold, and some really weird freezing fog.

foggy rosehip

I’m not complaining, because we’re putting in a new leachfiled* soon. And it’s not the sort of thing you choose to do in the middle of winter, unless you can’t avoid it. Since our current system is TOO old it is on the way out, and we can’t avoid it. But if the snow holds off so we don’t have to dig through it – that’d be really nice.

Maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe the world is TOO crazy, and you haven’t. But I’ve been a bit withdrawn. I’ve been spending less time on social media; even less time on Ravelry. Windsor has been very TWO these days. And with sleep issues, and learning how to use the word no, and all the joys and struggles that go with a toddler – my evenings have been consumed.

foggy cedar

But it’s not just the TWO year old. I’ve been spending TOO much time cleaning, packing, and trying to keep this house real-estate ready. Moving sucks. It’s stressful and emotional and time consuming, and slow. TOO MUCH.

And since the world has been TOO crazy it has felt pretty good to pull back, to focus on what is needed, and let the rest slide on by. I hope you don’t mind. I’m still here, just taking things at a slower pace, so I don’t put TOO much of myself into anything I can’t sustain.

foggy weed

To that end, the December Knit-Along for my book is going to be postponed. I haven’t had a lot of interesting and I’ve had even less time. I am shifting gears, downshifting, we’ll do chapter knit-alongs every other month. The Periwinkle Sheep fans are looking forward to January’s sweater already. And we’ll come back to December next year, so no loss – we’re just spreading out the book love so it’ll last longer.

So for the rest of the month I’m paring back. I will post when I have knitting to share, but not TOO much. No stress. I hope you’ll be kind to yourself as well. Take this holiday season to slow down, calm down, share some love, donate to charity, whatever it is that makes you happy. There’s TOO much anger and stress out there. Everybody breath. Take in the fog.

foggy seedhead

Our path will come clear, eventually.

*a leachfield is where all the household waste water goes, when you live in a rural place, like most of Vermont…

Playing catch up

What have I been up to? Well let’s review:

There’s been a whole lot of this

And a long weekend of this

And occasionally some of this

It’s been a busy summer! Neil is on a new work schedule which means I have more evenings alone. I thought this would mean more design time. But it also means more of doing everything on my own. Sadly my Meristem vest is still here

But I am down to the hems, so maybe by next week I’ll have something new to show off!

Access denied

Why does this chicken look so cranky?


Because access to her favorite hang-out has been revoked. We had a new porch built last fall (but I should note: not sided or roofed…) And ever since the decking has been the chickens’ favorite spot to stand around. And poop.

We finally got the siding hung up this weekend! And then we made a gate.


And the day after the poor birds spent a surprising amount of time standing on the stoop, looking confused.

They’re free range birds. The could go literally anywhere else. I refuse to feel badly for not letting them poop on the porch.

hung up

Little Miss is suddenly very mobile! She’s started crawling and pulling up in the last two weeks – and suddenly my long-term habit of leaving my knitting project in a basket (bag, box, pile…) on the floor by the couch is not working. Her little fingers can undo a neatly wound hank or ball of yarn faster than I can react.

A solution was needed, something to get the yarn up, off the ground.

hanging yarn

Turns out that old fruit basket is perfect!


Wait, what happened to June?

Quickly now:
– I started some new knitting! I find I actually work on it because I’m not bored of this project yet.

– We’re also working on some house projects
House in progress
And by “we” I do mean us. I spent the weekend tearing off punky siding with my ever-helpful family. We did hire some guys for the roofing.

– It’s about 90F and 90% humidity out there. So of course we’re going camping.

– I’m sure we’ll learn how much Windsor likes lakes.

– At least the heat is good for my garden.

– I have even more gladioli than last year. Funny how that works.


It’s Monday and I can honestly say I’m unsure when the last time I knit occurred… So let’s have a random life update, list style:

We’re doing some major home improvements this summer: siding and the roof. It’ll look great when it’s done but organizing the project is taking up all my “free” time.

Windsor is so close to crawling. Did you know babies have a stage where they try but just slide backward instead of moving forward? It’s cute but it makes her so angry.

I finally got something besides garlic planted in my garden. Two kinds of beans, book choy, and lettuce.

I’m considering turning over a third of my garden to sunflowers. I simply have no time to weed.

Believe it or not, I miss weeding.

other crafts

Neil and I tackled a different kind of craft project last weekend.

power saw

one involving slightly more lumber and 100% more power tools than you might see amid my other ramblings.

We needed a new box for storing our firewood. The majority of it gets stacked on the porch. But having to go outside every time we need to put another log on the fire gets old fast. Especially in the really cold spells when NOTHING makes us want to go outside except double dares and the need for more firewood.

new drill

Also, this was an excellent chance for Neil to play with his birthday present – an new cordless drill!


We’re not the best wood workers ever. Wait, I take that back. I’m an inexperienced wood worker, and Neil’s not so much a fan of the power saws. The man can do amazing things with dove tail joints and chisels (woodworking is a class they teach at his college)

But for a box that’s going to take the abuse of 4 cords of fire wood passing through on the way to the stove what we really wanted was something durable and rustic.

becky in a box

Also large. This is a very large box.

The comparisons to my first sweater are startlingly easy to draw. The materials are solid and rustic. Good quality but not the fanciest out there (brown sheep lamb’s pride and knotty NH white pine respectively) The edges aren’t straight (in either case). I got exactly what I wanted, but I can see plenty of places for improvement. I know just enough to try my best, but don’t have quite all the right tools. I don’t own a square, I was marking square edges on the lumber with a book. I didn’t own a yarn needle when I seamed my first sweater.

The major difference is I don’t see myself building enough boxes to really learn the fine details of the trade. But that’s just me. Neil’s dreaming of a wood shop in the basement now…

even in australia

Yesterday was one of THOSE days. Things just didn’t go as planned. We needed to go pick up a dresser from a friends’ house. They’re moving and need to be out by the end of the month. There was a thunderstorm rolling in, but we looked at the clock, looked at the sky, and decided we could make it before the storm hit.

No such luck. We ended up BOLTING from our car to the house through the hail and whipping winds. We took the dresser apart (it has a mirror/shelf piece on top) and down the tight stairwell as the storm roared outside. Luckily (?) the storm had shifted to just steady rain and occasional thunder as we carried the dresser to the car.

It fit in the car, but just barely, and the tailgate didn’t quite shut. Neil tried to give it just a little shove- and the corner of the dresser shattered the rear window.

So now we’re driving home through the tail end of the storm listening to rain and broken safety glass patter down into the car, and the new dresser.

We got home to discover the power was out. We cleaned up the broken glass as best we could. Got the dresser (still full of glass, Neil will vacuum it out today) inside and covered the tailgate of the car with a shower curtain. We had cold leftovers for dinner (and a much needed beer)


Today I woke up to find my corn took a beating in the storm too. I don’t think anything is uprooted. I think the squash and beans supported the stalks a little. I’m hopeful that I can stake them upright again.

Everyone has terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, even in vermont…

guest room

Ever since we moved into this house we’ve been making changes to make it our own. It didn’t need much serious work, but it had been a rental for 15 years and as such all the wall were white, the appliances old, the yard poorly maintained…

We’ve made a lot of really good progress, but we have two rooms that have been completely neglected. This is one of them:

guest room

For a long time the guest room was just a place we stored boxes of stuff. Any actual guests ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room, at the mercy of our over-affectionate pets. Finally we got a nice futon in there, so at least guests now have a room with a door. But that’s about it.

guest room2

No other furniture, and a lot of extra stuff still in storage in the closet. This room is my next house project. We’ve already peeled most of the floral wallpaper down. Unfortunately it seems all the wallpaper in this house was sealed permanently to the sheetrock. We’ve painted over some of it. For whatever reason this stuff chose to come down on it’s own, but it took the surface of the sheetrock with it…

We’ve sealed the fuzzy peeled cardboard looking surface, but it’ll never be completely smooth. So I’m planning to do some kind of textured walls. It’ll either be textured paint, or (and this is what I’m leaning towards right now) a base coat with a complementary color sponged over it for texture. The other bedroom is a peaceful green, and the craft room is brown and blue. So I’m thinking of green and pale yellow for the colors. Light colors should also help counteract the overhanging wall which could make this room feel small and cramped in the wrong color.

I also need to change that ugly light fixture. When I changed the one in my craft room I discovered it has no grounding wire. I don’t worry about this fixture as much because it’s rarely used. And furniture. I believe it’d be nice for a guest room to have maybe a chair? Or bed side table? Something…